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Bernstein, Richard J. - Violence: Thinking without Banisters, ebook

Violence: Thinking without Banisters

Bernstein, Richard J.


We live in a time when we are overwhelmed with talk and images of violence. Whether on television, the internet, films or the video screen, we can’t escape representations of actual or fictional violence - another murder, another killing spree in a

McMurran, Mary - Alcohol-Related Violence: Prevention and Treatment, ebook

Alcohol-Related Violence: Prevention and Treatment

McMurran, Mary

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New in the Wiley Series in Forensic Clinical Psychology, Alcohol-Related Violence: Prevention and Treatment presents an authoritative collection of the most recent assessment and treatment strategies for alcohol-related aggression and violence.Features contributions from leading international

Leatherman, Janie L. - Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict, ebook

Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict

Leatherman, Janie L.

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of women become victims of sexual violence in conflict zones around the world; in the Democratic Republic of Congo alone, approximately 1,100 rapes are reported each month.

This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the causes, consequences

Hollander, Paul - Political Violence, ebook

Political Violence

Hollander, Paul


Leadership Succession and Political Violence in the USSR Following Stalin’s Death
Mark Kramer
6. Post-Communist Political Violence: The Poisoning of Aleksandr Litvinenko
John B. Dunlop
7. The Mass Media in the

Aslan, Ednan - Religion and Violence, ebook

Religion and Violence

Aslan, Ednan


Religion and Violence: Christian and Muslim Theological and Pedagogical Reflections
Marcia Hermansen
2. The Drama Triangle of Religion and Violence
R. Ruard Ganzevoort
3. Violence vs. Religion
Ferid Muhic
4. Violence and Religion: A Complex