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Fails, Anna Dee - Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals, ebook

Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals

Fails, Anna Dee


Revised and updated, the eighth edition of Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals remains the essential resource for detailed information on farm animal anatomy and physiology.   Offers a revised edition to this

Anderson, David E. - Veterinary Techniques for Llamas and Alpacas, ebook

Veterinary Techniques for Llamas and Alpacas

Anderson, David E.


Veterinary Techniques for Llamas and Alpacas provides a step-by-step guide to performing procedures in llamas and alpacas. Organized by body system, the book presents concise, visually oriented information to enable clinicians to treat these animals

Hafez, B. - Reproduction in Farm Animals, ebook

Reproduction in Farm Animals

Hafez, B.


Plus the seventh editing is filled with features that help you grasp the concepts of reproduction in farm animals so you'll perform better on exams and in practice:

condensed and simplified tables, so

Cockcroft, Peter - Clinical Examination of Farm Animals, ebook

Clinical Examination of Farm Animals

Cockcroft, Peter


Clinical examination is a fundamental part of the process of veterinary diagnosis. Without a proficient clinical examination and an accurate diagnosis it is unlikely that the treatment, control, prognosis and welfare of animals will be optimised.

Collins, David S. - Gracey's Meat Hygiene, ebook

Gracey's Meat Hygiene

Collins, David S.


  An excellent practical guide for teaching food hygiene to veterinary students worldwide, in addition to laying the foundations of food animal anatomy, pathology and disease.  New chapters address the increased concern of both the public and inspectors to

Hopper, Richard M. - Bovine Reproduction, ebook

Bovine Reproduction

Hopper, Richard M.


  Bovine Reproduction is a welcome resource for bovine practitioners, theriogenologists, and animal scientists, as well as veterinary students and residents with an interest in the cow.