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Steimle, Jürgen - Pen-and-Paper User Interfaces, ebook

Pen-and-Paper User Interfaces

Steimle, Jürgen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jürgen Steimle
2. Survey of Pen-and-Paper Computing
Jürgen Steimle
3. Interaction Model of Pen-and-Paper User Interfaces
Jürgen Steimle
4. CoScribe: A Platform for Paper-based Knowledge Work
Jürgen Steimle
5. Collaborative Cross-media Annotation of Documents

Meixner, Gerrit - Automotive User Interfaces, ebook

Automotive User Interfaces

Meixner, Gerrit


Retrospective and Future Automotive Infotainment Systems—100 Years of User Interface Evolution
Gerrit Meixner, Carina Häcker, Björn Decker, Simon Gerlach, Anne Hess, Konstantin Holl, Alexander Klaus, Daniel Lüddecke, Daniel Mauser, Marius Orfgen, Mark Poguntke,

Shao, Ling - Multimedia Interaction and Intelligent User Interfaces, ebook

Multimedia Interaction and Intelligent User Interfaces

Shao, Ling


Retrieving Human Actions Using Spatio-Temporal Features and Relevance Feedback
Rui Jin, Ling Shao
2. Computationally Efficient Clustering of Audio-Visual Meeting Data
Hayley Hung, Gerald Friedland, Chuohao Yeo
3. Cognitive-Aware Modality Allocation

Tan, Desney S. - Brain-Computer Interfaces, ebook

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Tan, Desney S.


Brain-Computer Interfaces and Human-Computer Interaction
Desney Tan, Anton Nijholt
2. Neural Control Interfaces
Melody Moore Jackson, Rudolph Mappus
3. Could Anyone Use a BCI?
Brendan Z. Allison, Christa Neuper

Jaquero, Victor Lopez - Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces VI, ebook

Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces VI

Jaquero, Victor Lopez


Translating Museum Visual Contents into Descriptions for Blind Users: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Barbara Leporini, Ivan Norscia
7. A Location-Aware Guide Based on Active RFIDs in Multi-Device Environments
Giuseppe Ghiani, Fabio Paternò, Carmen Santoro,

Hippe, Zdzisław S. - Human-Computer Systems Interaction, ebook

Human-Computer Systems Interaction

Hippe, Zdzisław S.


Usefulness of Keystroke Dynamics Features in User Authentication and Emotion Recognition
A. Kołakowska
5. A Discrete Dynamic System Approach to Studying Project Management Processes Using the General Theory of Linear Max Plus Systems
J. Raszka, L. Jamroż

Waibel, Alexander - Computers in the Human Interaction Loop, ebook

Computers in the Human Interaction Loop

Waibel, Alexander


Extracting Interaction Cues: Focus of Attention, Body Pose, and Gestures
Oswald Lanz, Roberto Brunelli, Paul Chippendale, Michael Voit, Rainer Stiefelhagen
10. Emotion Recognition
Daniel Neiberg, Kjell Elenius, Susanne Burger
11. Activity Classification

Bähr, Benjamin - Prototyping of User Interfaces for Mobile Applications, ebook

Prototyping of User Interfaces for Mobile Applications

Bähr, Benjamin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Benjamin Bähr
2. State of Prototyping Mobile Application User-Interfaces
Benjamin Bähr
3. Prototyping Requirements
Benjamin Bähr
4. Blended Prototyping—Design and Implementation
Benjamin Bähr
5. Comparative Evaluation of Blended Prototyping