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Ren, Xuefei - Urban China, ebook

Urban China

Ren, Xuefei

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The unprecedented urban growth in China presents a crucial development for studies on globalization and urban transformation. This concise and engaging book examines the past trajectories,

Oliveira, Vítor - Urban Morphology, ebook

Urban Morphology

Oliveira, Vítor


The Study of Urban Form: Different Approaches
Vítor Oliveira
7. From Theory to Practice
Vítor Oliveira
8. Relationships with Other Fields of Knowledge
Vítor Oliveira
9. Conclusions
Vítor Oliveira

Enright, Theresa - The Urban Political, ebook

The Urban Political

Enright, Theresa


Infrastructure, ‘Seeing Sanitation’ and the Urban Political in an Era of Late Neoliberalism
Colin McFarlane, Jonathan Silver
Part III. Governing the Urban Political
8. The ‘Cooperative’ or ‘Cop-Out’ Council? Urban

Capello, Roberta - Seminal Studies in Regional and Urban Economics, ebook

Seminal Studies in Regional and Urban Economics

Capello, Roberta


Sustainable Urban Development: Definition and Reasons for a Research Programme
Roberto Camagni
14. Urban Development and Control on Urban Land Rents
Roberto Camagni
Part III. On Regional Policies and Spatial Planning
15. Regional Development and

Ewen, Shane - What is Urban History?, ebook

What is Urban History?

Ewen, Shane


Urban history is a well-established and flourishing field of historical research. Written by a leading scholar, this short introduction demonstrates how urban history draws upon a wide variety of methodologies and sources, and has been integral to the