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Ren, Xuefei - Urban China, ebook

Urban China

Ren, Xuefei

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The unprecedented urban growth in China presents a crucial development for studies on globalization and urban transformation. This concise and engaging book examines the past trajectories, present conditions, and future prospects

Urban, Dieter - Strukturgleichungsmodellierung, ebook


Urban, Dieter


Dieter Urban, Jochen Mayerl
2. SEM-Grundlagen
Dieter Urban, Jochen Mayerl
3. Probleme bei der Schätzung von SE-Modellen
Dieter Urban, Jochen Mayerl
4. Datenqualität

Logan, John - Urban China in Transition, ebook

Urban China in Transition

Logan, John


Offers a multi-dimensional analysis of urban life in China Highlights a diversity of trends in the areas of migration, criminal victimization, gated communities, and the status of women, suburbanization, and neighbourhood associations Each chapter includes input from

Osbaldiston, Nick - Towards a Sociology of the Coast, ebook

Towards a Sociology of the Coast

Osbaldiston, Nick


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Towards a Sociology of Coasts
Nick Osbaldiston
2. Method and Theory
Nick Osbaldiston
3. The Premodern Coast
Nick Osbaldiston
4. The Modern Coast: Flinders the Explorer
Nick Osbaldiston
5. The Noosa Story: Early Modernity Meets Lifestyle
Nick Osbaldiston

Enright, Theresa - The Urban Political, ebook

The Urban Political

Enright, Theresa


Infrastructure, ‘Seeing Sanitation’ and the Urban Political in an Era of Late Neoliberalism
Colin McFarlane, Jonathan Silver
Part III. Governing the Urban Political
8. The ‘Cooperative’ or ‘Cop-Out’ Council? Urban

Schlicht, Wolfgang - Urban Health, ebook

Urban Health

Schlicht, Wolfgang


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Wolfgang Schlicht
2. Stadt, Urbanisierung – Planungsleitbilder
Wolfgang Schlicht
3. Public Health – Urban Health
Wolfgang Schlicht
4. Stadtgestalt und Gesundheit – ausgewählte Fakten
Wolfgang Schlicht
5. Forschungsdesigns
Wolfgang Schlicht
6. Statt

Jayaram, N. - Social Dynamics of the Urban, ebook

Social Dynamics of the Urban

Jayaram, N.


Global Flows or Rural–Urban Connections? Temporality, Public Spaces and Heterotopias in Globalising Mumbai
D. Parthasarathy
4. Globalisation, Group Autonomy and Political Space: Negotiating Globalised Interests in Bengaluru
Narendar Pani
5. Directed

Orton-Johnson, Kate - Digital Sociology, ebook

Digital Sociology

Orton-Johnson, Kate


Rethinking Space: Urban Informatics and the Sociological Imagination
Roger Burrows, David Beer
6. Re-Thinking Community in the Digital Age?
Karen Evans
7. Afterword: Digital Spaces, Sociology and Surveillance

Adhikari, Shiva Raj - Economics of Urban Externalities, ebook

Economics of Urban Externalities

Adhikari, Shiva Raj


Table of contents
1. Urbanization and Externalities
Shiva Raj Adhikari
2. Methods of Measuring Externalities
Shiva Raj Adhikari
3. Measurement Strategies of Externalities
Shiva Raj Adhikari
4. Externalities in Kathmandu