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Enright, Theresa - The Urban Political, ebook

The Urban Political

Enright, Theresa


Infrastructure, ‘Seeing Sanitation’ and the Urban Political in an Era of Late Neoliberalism
Colin McFarlane, Jonathan Silver
Part III. Governing the Urban Political
8. The ‘Cooperative’ or ‘Cop-Out’ Council? Urban

Ye, Lin - Urbanization and Urban Governance in China, ebook

Urbanization and Urban Governance in China

Ye, Lin


Introduction: A New Path of Urbanization and Urban Governance in China
Lin Ye
Part I. Regional Outlook and Urban Transformation
2. The Changing Industrial Transformation in the Pearl River Delta: Issues, Challenges, and Intergovernmental Coordination

Silva, Carlos Nunes - Governing Urban Africa, ebook

Governing Urban Africa

Silva, Carlos Nunes


Local Government and Urban Governance in Lusophone African Countries: From Colonial Centralism to Post-Colonial Slow Decentralization
Carlos Nunes Silva
3. Urban Governance in a Devolved Kenya
Ellen M. Bassett
4. Decentralization in Africa: Local Government

Mayer, Margit - Urban Uprisings, ebook

Urban Uprisings

Mayer, Margit


Urban Uprisings, Social Movements and Neoliberal Urbanism
1. Re-Thinking Urban Social Movements, ‘Riots’ and Uprisings: An Introduction
Håkan Thörn, Margit Mayer, Catharina Thörn
2. Neoliberal Urbanism and Uprisings