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Troiani, Igea - Transdisciplinary Urbanism and Culture, ebook

Transdisciplinary Urbanism and Culture

Troiani, Igea


Live Montage in Mediated Urban-Experience: Between Media and Architecture
Maryam Fazel
9. Boredom and Space
Christian Parreno
Part IV. Sociology and Built Environment
10. A Street with Informal Regulation
Antonius Karel Muktiwibowo
11. ‘Kampung

Ding, Yannan - China: A Historical Geography of the Urban, ebook

China: A Historical Geography of the Urban

Ding, Yannan


A City of Workers, a City for Workers? Remaking Beijing Urban Space in the Early PRC
Fabio Lanza
4. Changchun Across 1949: Rebuilding a Colonial Capital City Under Socialism in the Early 1950s
Yishi Liu
Part II. Mediating History and Modernity

Tiwari, Alok - Urban Infrastructure Research, ebook

Urban Infrastructure Research

Tiwari, Alok


An Overview of Contemporary Urban Infrastructure Research
Alok Tiwari
2. Themes in Urban Infrastructure Research in Ethiopian Cities
Alok Tiwari
3. An Appraisal on Literature Review
Alok Tiwari
4. Review

Oliveira, Vítor - Urban Morphology, ebook

Urban Morphology

Oliveira, Vítor


The Study of Urban Form: Different Approaches
Vítor Oliveira
7. From Theory to Practice
Vítor Oliveira
8. Relationships with Other Fields of Knowledge
Vítor Oliveira
9. Conclusions
Vítor Oliveira

Alvares, Lucia  Capanema - Urban Public Spaces, ebook

Urban Public Spaces

Alvares, Lucia Capanema


A Multidimensional Frame for Analyzing Urban Public Spaces Policies and Politics
Lucia Capanema Alvares, Jorge Luiz Barbosa
Part I. About People
2. The Power of the Body in Public Space: The Urban as a Deprivation of

Banfield, Janet - Geography Meets Gendlin, ebook

Geography Meets Gendlin

Banfield, Janet


Table of contents
Part I. Disciplinary Terrain and Connections
1. Non-Representational Interest in Affect
Janet Banfield
2. Geographies of Artistic Practice
Janet Banfield
Part II. Exploring Gendlin’s Ideas through Artistic Practice
3. Implying and Occurring
Janet Banfield
4. Explication and

Arefian, Fatemeh Farnaz - Urban Change in Iran, ebook

Urban Change in Iran

Arefian, Fatemeh Farnaz


A Review of Urban Images of Tehran in the Iranian Post-revolution Cinema
Hamed Goharipour
Part II. Contemporary Society and Culture
6. From Modesty to Immodesty: A Quranic Reading of Change in the Islamic Iranian City
Seyed Mahdi Khatami, Michael Tawa