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Lemaire, Maurice - Mechanics and Uncertainty, ebook

Mechanics and Uncertainty

Lemaire, Maurice


This book, specifically, examines the uncertainty of technological and industrial science. Uncertainty and Mechanics studies the concepts of mechanical design in an uncertain setting and explains engineering techniques for inventing

Lindley, Dennis V. - Understanding Uncertainty, ebook

Understanding Uncertainty

Lindley, Dennis V.


a reference for everyone who is interested in knowing and handling uncertainty.” —Journal of Applied Statistics
The critically acclaimed First Edition of Understanding Uncertainty provided a study

Sallak, Mohamed - Data Uncertainty and Important Measures, ebook

Data Uncertainty and Important Measures

Sallak, Mohamed


The first part of the book defines the concept of uncertainties and the mathematical frameworks that will be used for uncertainty modeling. The application to system reliability assessment illustrates the concept. In the second part, evidential networks

Grote, Gudela - Management of Uncertainty, ebook

Management of Uncertainty

Grote, Gudela


Defining and Identifying Uncertainties in Organizations
3. Generic Principles for Managing Uncertainties
4. Coordination in Organizations: Creating Flexible Routines
5. Managing Uncertainties through Collaborative Planning

Köhn, Julia - Uncertainty in Economics, ebook

Uncertainty in Economics

Köhn, Julia


Uncertainty in Economic Thought
2. Uncertainty in the History of Economic Thought
Julia Köhn
3. Truth, Probability and Uncertainty
Julia Köhn
4. The Principles of Economics
Julia Köhn
5. Probability and Neoclassical Uncertainty

Brandolini, Silva Marzetti Dall’Aste - Fundamental Uncertainty, ebook

Fundamental Uncertainty

Brandolini, Silva Marzetti Dall’Aste


Introduction: Fundamental Uncertainty and Plausible Reasoning
Silva Marzetti Dall’Aste Brandolini, Roberto Scazzieri
2. Logic, Empiricism and Probability Structures
Henry E. Kyburg
3. The Weight of Argument
Isaac Levi
4. A Critical Evaluation