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Arrillaga, Jos - Self-Commutating Converters for High Power Applications, ebook

Self-Commutating Converters for High Power Applications

Arrillaga, Jos


For very high voltage or very high current applications, the power industry still relies on thyristor-based Line Commutated Conversion (LCC), which limits the power controllability to two quadrant operation. However, the ratings of self-commutating switches such as the Insulated-Gate Bipolar

Delsing, P. - Quantum Computing in Solid State Systems, ebook

Quantum Computing in Solid State Systems

Delsing, P.


Phase Slip Phenomena in Ultra-Thin Superconducting Wires
M. Zgirski, K. -P. Riikonen, T. Holmqvist, M. Savolainen, V. Touboltsev, K. Arutyunov
10. Dynamics of a Qubit Coupled to a Harmonic Oscillator
P. Bertet, I. Chiorescu, K. Semba, C. J. P. M. Harmans,

Březina, Tomáš - Mechatronics 2017, ebook

Mechatronics 2017

Březina, Tomáš


Optimal Efficiency and Power Control of High Efficient Wireless Power Transfer System
Martin Zavrel, Vladimir Kindl
8. Design of Consecutive Compensator for Servo System with Signal Uncertainty
Sergey Bystrov, Nina Vunder, Anatoly Ushakov, Sergey Vrazhevsky

Corkum, Paul - Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, ebook

Ultrafast Phenomena XVI

Corkum, Paul


Table of contents
1. Sub-100-as soft x-ray pulses
E. Goulielmakis, M. Schultze, M. Hofstetter, M. Uiberacker, J. Gagnon, V. Yakovlev, U. Kleineberg, F. Krausz
2. Generation of High-order Harmonics with a Near-IR Self-phase-stabilized Parametric…

Grandfield, John - Light Metals 2014, ebook

Light Metals 2014

Grandfield, John


Improvement of Processing Characteristics of High Carbonate and High Silica Diasporic Bauxite by Enriching Roasting
Alexander G. Suss, Alexander N. Fedyaev, Andrey V. Panov, Irina V. Paromova, Dmitry V. Finin, Anna A. Damaskina

Suarez, Carlos E. - Light Metals 2012, ebook

Light Metals 2012

Suarez, Carlos E.


Influence of High-Pressure Torsion on Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Evolution in 2197 Al-Li Alloy
Yuan Yuan, Huimin Lu, Xuguang Li
70. The Role of Co-Clusters in the Artificial Aging of AA6061 and AA6060
Stefan Pogatscher, Helmut Antrekowitsch,