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Judt, Tony - With Us or Against Us, ebook

With Us or Against Us

Judt, Tony


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Denis Lacorne, Tony Judt
2. A New Master Narrative? Reflections on Contemporary Anti-Americanism
Tony Judt
3. Anti-Americanism and Americanophobia: A French Perspective
Denis Lacorne
4. Anti-Americanism…

Bambra, Clare - How Politics Makes Us Sick, ebook

How Politics Makes Us Sick

Bambra, Clare


Insecurity: How Politics Gets Under Our Skin
Ted Schrecker, Clare Bambra
4. Austerity: How Politics Has Pulled Away Our Safety Net
Ted Schrecker, Clare Bambra
5. Inequality: How Politics

Jr, Robert E. Denton - The 2016 US Presidential Campaign, ebook

The 2016 US Presidential Campaign

Jr, Robert E. Denton


Table of contents
Section 1. Political Campaign Communication in the 2016 Presidential Campaign
1. Setting the Stage: Three Dimensions of Surfacing for 2016
Craig Allen Smith
2. Midnight in America: The Political Conventions in 2016

Prifti, Bledar - US Foreign Policy in the Middle East, ebook

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Prifti, Bledar


Putting US Foreign Policy in a Theoretical Perspective
Bledar Prifti
3. The Cold War and the Trumanization of US Foreign Policy in the Middle East
Bledar Prifti
4. The Bush Doctrine in the Middle East: A New American

Oehri, Myriam - US and EU External Labor Governance, ebook

US and EU External Labor Governance

Oehri, Myriam


Table of contents
1. Introduction: International Promotion of Labor Standards
Myriam Oehri
2. US External Labor Governance: Imposing Sanctions or Providing Assistance?
Myriam Oehri
3. EU External Labor Governance: Pointing Fingers or Lending a Hand?
Myriam Oehri
4. Working on Workers’ Rights: How

Gamble, Andrew - Politics: Why It Matters, ebook

Politics: Why It Matters

Gamble, Andrew


People so often focus on the negative aspects of politics, like greed and corruption, but without politics we would be lost. It frames everything we do, and it has the power to bring about real and positive change.
Politics, Andrew Gamble reminds

Johansson, Jon - US Leadership in Political Time and Space, ebook

US Leadership in Political Time and Space

Johansson, Jon


Table of contents
Part I. Americans as Free Artists of Themselves
1. US Leadership in Political Time and Space
Jon Johansson
Part II. Revolutionary Exemplars: Words as Action and Actions as Words
2. Thomas Paine: The Rise and Fall of an Existential Hero
Jon Johansson
3. Henry Knox: Patriot Leader