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Judt, Tony - With Us or Against Us, ebook

With Us or Against Us

Judt, Tony


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Denis Lacorne, Tony Judt
2. A New Master Narrative? Reflections on Contemporary Anti-Americanism
Tony Judt
3. Anti-Americanism and Americanophobia: A French Perspective
Denis Lacorne
4. Anti-Americanism…

Soifer, Paul - CliffsQuickReview U.S. History I, ebook

CliffsQuickReview U.S. History I

Soifer, Paul


History I provides you with an overview of United States history from before the colonial period through the end of Reconstruction. You can use this in-depth reference as a supplement to your textbook and classroom lectures, or

Ireland, Brian - The US Military in Hawai‘i, ebook

The US Military in Hawai‘i

Ireland, Brian


Table of contents
1. War Stories: A Militarized History of Hawai‘i
Brian Ireland
2. Remembering and Forgetting at Waikīkī’s Great War Memorial
Brian Ireland
3. ‘Unknown Soldiers’: Remembering Hawai‘i’s Great War Dead
Brian Ireland
4. Hooray for Haolewood? Hawai‘i on Film

Iokibe, Makoto - The History of US-Japan Relations, ebook

The History of US-Japan Relations

Iokibe, Makoto


Table of contents
Part I. Part I
1. America Encounters Japan, 1836–94
Tosh Minohara, Kaoru Iokibe
2. The Emergence of Japan on the Global Stage, 1895–1908
Yasutoshi Teramoto, Tosh Minohara
3. The Great War and Shifting Relations, 1909–19
Tosh Minohara, Shūsuke Takahara, Ryōta Murai
4. The

Johansson, Jon - US Leadership in Political Time and Space, ebook

US Leadership in Political Time and Space

Johansson, Jon


Table of contents
Part I. Americans as Free Artists of Themselves
1. US Leadership in Political Time and Space
Jon Johansson
Part II. Revolutionary Exemplars: Words as Action and Actions as Words
2. Thomas Paine: The Rise and Fall of an Existential Hero
Jon Johansson
3. Henry Knox: Patriot Leader

Lucas, Scott - Challenging US Foreign Policy, ebook

Challenging US Foreign Policy

Lucas, Scott


Averell Harriman and the Shift in US Policy toward Moscow after Roosevelt’s Death
Frank Costigliola
4. The Kennan Diaries
David Milne
5. Ideology, Race and Nonalignment in US Cold War Foreign Relations: or, How