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Portelli, Alessandro - Biography of an Industrial Town, ebook

Biography of an Industrial Town

Portelli, Alessandro


Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: Surviving and Resisting Fascism
Alessandro Portelli
8. Apocalypse Now: War, Hunger, and Mass Destruction
Alessandro Portelli
9. Red Is the Color: The Gramsci Brigade and the Resistance
Alessandro Portelli
10. The

Philippon, Jacques MD - Joseph Babinski A Biography, ebook

Joseph Babinski A Biography

Philippon, Jacques MD


Yet not only do all humans experience limits, most of us also experience limits that take the form of disability at some point in our lives; in this way, disability is more "normal" than non-disability. If we take such experiences seriously and refuse to reduce them

Jeffers, H. Paul - The Napoleon of New York: Mayor Fiorello La Guardia, ebook

The Napoleon of New York: Mayor Fiorello La Guardia

Jeffers, H. Paul


-Publishers Weekly
"Superb historical biography of one of the more colorful characters in American history . . . spirited. . . . Jeffers deftly weaves together intriguing stage-setting explanations of the age of robber barons, the crash of 1893, and that

Major, Clarence - Come By Here: My Mother's Life, ebook

Come By Here: My Mother's Life

Major, Clarence


Lavish praise for come by here
"With elegant simplicity and uncommon wisdom, Clarence Major gives us not just the truth of his mother's life but the unspoken truth behind the lie of color in the American story. A compelling narrative."
-- Rilla Askew, author, Fire in Beulah

Jeffers, H. Paul - Diamond Jim Brady : Prince of the Gilded Age, ebook

Diamond Jim Brady : Prince of the Gilded Age

Jeffers, H. Paul


Paul Jeffers
An Honest President: The Life and Presidencies of Grover Cleveland
"A well-written and timely book that reminds us of Grover Cleveland?s courage, commitment, and honesty at a time when these qualities seem so lacking in so much of American