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Sommaruga, Giovanni - Turing’s Revolution, ebook

Turing’s Revolution

Sommaruga, Giovanni


Turing and the History of Computability Theory
1. Conceptual Confluence in 1936: Post and Turing
Martin Davis, Wilfried Sieg
2. Algorithms: From Al-Khwarizmi to Turing and Beyond
Wolfgang Thomas
3. The Stored-Program Universal Computer: Did Zuse

Beber, Grace - Parsing the Turing Test, ebook

Parsing the Turing Test

Beber, Grace


Alan Turing and the Turing Test
3. Computing Machinery and Intelligence
4. Commentary on Turing’s “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”
Part II.The Ongoing Philosophical

Aleksander, Igor - The World in My Mind, My Mind in the World, ebook

The World in My Mind, My Mind in the World

Aleksander, Igor


Not consciousness, but knowledge of consciousness: that is what this book communicates in a fascinating way. Consciousness is the thread that links the disappearing gorilla with the octopus suffering from a stomach ache, and the person under anaesthetic…

Zhang, Zhiyi - Statistical Implications of Turing's Formula, ebook

Statistical Implications of Turing's Formula

Zhang, Zhiyi


Features a broad introduction to recent research on Turing’s formula and presents modern applications in statistics, probability, information theory, and other areas of modern data science
Turing's formula is, perhaps, the only known method for estimating the underlying distributional

Haikonen, Pentti O. - The Cognitive Approach to Conscious Machines, ebook

The Cognitive Approach to Conscious Machines

Haikonen, Pentti O.


Could a machine have an immaterial mind? The author argues that true conscious machines can be built, but rejects artificial intelligence and classical neural networks in favour of the emulation of the cognitive processes of the brain—the flow of inner…