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Meyer, Michael D. - Transportation Planning Handbook, ebook

Transportation Planning Handbook

Meyer, Michael D.


A multi-disciplinary approach to transportation planning fundamentals
The Transportation Planning Handbook is a comprehensive, practice-oriented reference that presents the fundamental concepts of transportation planning alongside proven techniques.

De, Sudipta - Sustainable Energy and Transportation, ebook

Sustainable Energy and Transportation

De, Sudipta


Sustainable Energy and Transportation Technologies
1. Introduction to Sustainable Energy, Transportation Technologies, and Policy
Jai Gopal Gupta, Sudipta De, Anirudh Gautam, Atul Dhar, Ashok Pandey
2. Shifting Focus

Voeller, John G. - Transportation Security, ebook

Transportation Security

Voeller, John G.

From 23,30€

Transportation Security features articles from the Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security covering topics related to security challenge of transportation systems in the USA and elsewhere, performance measures, including coverage

Albert, Gila - Securing Transportation Systems, ebook

Securing Transportation Systems

Albert, Gila


Addresses a variety of challenges and solutions within the transportation security sphere in order to protect our transportation systems
• Provides innovative solutions to improved communication and creating joint operations centers to manage response to threats
• Details

Strakosch, George R. - The Vertical Transportation Handbook, ebook

The Vertical Transportation Handbook

Strakosch, George R.


  New coverage of topics such as machine-room-less systems and current operation and control procedures, ensures that this revision maintains its standing as the premier general reference on vertical transportation.  A team of new contributors has been assembled

Bengler, Klaus - Green Intelligent Transportation Systems, ebook

Green Intelligent Transportation Systems

Bengler, Klaus


Prediction Model on Energy Consumption of Highway Transportation in Inner Mongolia Based on ARMA
Zhengyu Wang, Yueying Huo, Zhenyu Liu
9. Revenue Model for the Inter-City Railway System Based on the Stop Stations and Graded Ticket Fares
Xichun Chen, Xiaoting

Alam, Muhammad - Intelligent Transportation Systems, ebook

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Alam, Muhammad


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems
Muhammad Alam, Joaquim Ferreira, José Fonseca
2. Visible Light Communication for Cooperative ITS
Mariano Falcitelli, Paolo Pagano
3. Deterministic Vehicular Communications Supported by the Roadside Infrastructure: A Case Study

Kabashkin, Igor - Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication, ebook

Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication

Kabashkin, Igor


Table of contents
1. Smart Specialisation Strategies: An Online Platform for Strategy Design and Assessment
Anastasia Panori, Nicos Komninos, Christina Kakderi, Katharina Fellnhofer
2. A Multistakeholders Multicriteria Decision Support Platform for Assessing Urban Freight Transport Measures
Eftihia Nathanail