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Quah, C. K. - Translation and Technology, ebook

Translation and Technology

Quah, C. K.


Computer-Aided Translation Tools and Resources
C. K. Quah
6. Evaluating Translation Tools
C. K. Quah
7. Recent Developments and Future Directions
C. K. Quah
8. Translation Types Revisited
C. K. Quah

Bermann, Sandra - A Companion to Translation Studies, ebook

A Companion to Translation Studies

Bermann, Sandra


This companion offers a wide-ranging introduction to the rapidly expanding field of translation studies, bringing together some of the best recent scholarship to present its most important current themesFeatures new work from well-known scholarsIncludes

Rundle, Christopher - Translation Under Fascism, ebook

Translation Under Fascism

Rundle, Christopher


‘Flight from the Programme of National Socialism’? Translation in Nazi Germany
Kate Sturge
4. It Was What It Wasn’t: Translation and Francoism
Jeroen Vandaele
5. Translation in Portugal during the Estado Novo

Rogers, Margaret - Specialised Translation, ebook

Specialised Translation

Rogers, Margaret


Specialised Translation: An Orientation
Margaret Rogers
3. Borders and Borderlands
Margaret Rogers
4. Terminology and Specialised Translation: A Historical Perspective
Margaret Rogers
5. Terminology and

Williams, Jenny - Theories of Translation, ebook

Theories of Translation

Williams, Jenny


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jenny Williams
2. Of Theorists and Theories
Jenny Williams
3. Theories about the Product
Jenny Williams
4. Theories about the Process
Jenny Williams
5. Theories about the Translator

Anderman, Gunilla - Audiovisual Translation, ebook

Audiovisual Translation

Anderman, Gunilla


Teaching Screen Translation: The Role of Pragmatics in Subtitling
Erik Skuggevik
16. Pedagogical Tools for the Training of Subtitlers
Christopher Taylor
17. Teaching Subtitling in a Virtual Environment
Francesca Bartrina
18. Subtitling: Language

Desjardins, Renée - Translation and Social Media, ebook

Translation and Social Media

Desjardins, Renée


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Renée Desjardins
2. Online Social Media (OSM) and Translation
Renée Desjardins
3. Translation and Social Media: In Theory
Renée Desjardins
4. Translation and Social Media: In Training
Renée Desjardins
5. Translation and Social Media: In Professional Practice

Brownlie, Siobhan - Mapping Memory in Translation, ebook

Mapping Memory in Translation

Brownlie, Siobhan


Table of contents
1. Translation and Memory
Siobhan Brownlie
2. Personal Memory
Siobhan Brownlie
3. Group Memory and Electronic Memory
Siobhan Brownlie
4. Textual Memory
Siobhan Brownlie
5. National and Transnational Memory
Siobhan Brownlie
6. Traditions
Siobhan Brownlie