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Bergh, Joachim Van den - Transforming Through Processes, ebook

Transforming Through Processes

Bergh, Joachim Van den


Using New Digital Technologies to Innovate Business Processes and Create Customer Value: An Interview with Prof. Stijn Viaene
Joachim Van den Bergh, Sara Thijs, Stijn Viaene
2. A Government Institution’s BPM Tale: An Interview with Bert Schelfaut of VDAB

McGuire, John B. - Transforming Your Leadership Culture, ebook

Transforming Your Leadership Culture

McGuire, John B.


Praise for Transforming Your Leadership Culture
"If you are a leader who has been burned by the failure of traditional change management—remember that program that cost millions and didn't change a thing—this is the book for you. It provides a wholly new perspective for

Sakikawa, Takashi - Transforming Japanese Workplaces, ebook

Transforming Japanese Workplaces

Sakikawa, Takashi


Transforming Management Practices in Japanese Workplaces
1. Japanese Workplaces in Transition
Takashi Sakikawa
2. Management Practices in Japanese Workplaces: Myth and Reality
Takashi Sakikawa
3. Emerging Management and Organizational Practices

Mayo, Andrew - Transforming Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being, ebook

Transforming Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being

Mayo, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being: Why Bother?
William Scott-Jackson, Andrew Mayo
2. What are Engagement, Happiness and Well-Being?
William Scott-Jackson, Andrew Mayo
3. PACE: The Process of Active Committed Enthusiasm
William Scott-Jackson, Andrew Mayo
4. How to Maximise Individual