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Velez, Oliver L. - Power Trading: Winning Guerrilla, Micro, and Core Tactics, ebook

Power Trading: Winning Guerrilla, Micro, and Core Tactics

Velez, Oliver L.


How do you make quick intraday profits? How can you ride long-term trends? How can you make consistent money in the midst of a sideways, volatile market?
Oliver Velez is giving you all the answers by granting you access to his own revolutionary trading tactics, ones which he has spent

Patel, Alpesh - The Online Trading Cookbook, ebook

The Online Trading Cookbook

Patel, Alpesh


The Online Trading Cookbook is a unique resource for busy online traders of all levels, addressing the need amongst the growing number of those trading and investing from home for solid, low risk trading strategies

Velez, Oliver L. - Swing Trading, ebook

Swing Trading

Velez, Oliver L.


com and current CEO of Velez Capital Management, is renowned for his effective trading skills and specialized knowledge in technical analysis. His educational seminars are sought after by traders and often attended multiple times to extract every piece of wisdom from

Guppy, Daryl - Trend Trading: A Seven-step Approach to Success, ebook

Trend Trading: A Seven-step Approach to Success

Guppy, Daryl

From 38,45€

If you have no time to follow the market closely, then Trend Trading is the book for you. Trend trading is one of the most effective and easy-to-use methods for making money in the market. Success depends on identifying the trend with confidence and