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Adinolfi, Giovanna - International Economic Law, ebook

International Economic Law

Adinolfi, Giovanna


A Waiver for Europe? CETA’s Trade in Services, and Investment Protection Provisions and Their Legal-Political Implications on Regulatory Competence
Amalie Giødesen Thystrup, Güneş Ünüvar
4. The Human Right to Health: Reflecting on the Implications of

Brown, Catherine A. - Non-discrimination and Trade in Services, ebook

Non-discrimination and Trade in Services

Brown, Catherine A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Catherine A. Brown
2. The General Agreement on Trade in Services
Catherine A. Brown
3. Regional Free Trade Agreements
Catherine A. Brown
4. Bilateral Free Trade Agreements
Catherine A. Brown
5. The WTO, NAFTA and the TFEU: Regional Perspectives by WTO Members

Alabrese, Mariagrazia - Agricultural Law, ebook

Agricultural Law

Alabrese, Mariagrazia


Agricultural Law from a Global Perspective: An Introduction
Mariagrazia Alabrese
Part I. Environmental Protection and Food Security at the Cross-Roads with Agricultural Law
2. Sustainable Agricultural Production, Environmental Sustainability and Food Security: