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Shick, Paul L. - Topology: Point-Set and Geometric, ebook

Topology: Point-Set and Geometric

Shick, Paul L.


The essentials of point-set topology, complete with motivation and numerous examples
Topology: Point-Set and Geometric presents an introduction to topology that begins with the axiomatic definition of a topology

Baas, Nils - Algebraic Topology, ebook

Algebraic Topology

Baas, Nils


String Topology in Dimensions Two and Three
Moira Chas, Dennis Sullivan
4. Floer Homotopy Theory, Realizing Chain Complexes by Module Spectra, and Manifolds with Corners
Ralph L. Cohen
5. Relative Chern Characters for Nilpotent Ideals
G. Cortiñas,

Stahl, Saul - Introduction to Topology and Geometry, ebook

Introduction to Topology and Geometry

Stahl, Saul


Illustrating modern mathematical topics, Introduction to Topology and Geometry, Second Edition discusses introductory topology, algebraic topology, knot theory, the geometry of surfaces, Riemann geometries, fundamental

Sakai, Katsuro - Geometric Aspects of General Topology, ebook

Geometric Aspects of General Topology

Sakai, Katsuro


Table of contents
1. Preliminaries
Katsuro Sakai
2. Metrization and Paracompact Spaces
Katsuro Sakai
3. Topology of Linear Spaces and Convex Sets
Katsuro Sakai
4. Simplicial Complexes and Polyhedra
Katsuro Sakai
5. Dimensions of Spaces
Katsuro Sakai
6. Retracts and Extensors

Hauser, Helwig - Topology-based Methods in Visualization, ebook

Topology-based Methods in Visualization

Hauser, Helwig


On the Role of Topology in Focus+Context Visualization
Ivan Viola, Eduard Gröller
13. N-dimensional Data-Dependent Reconstruction Using Topological Changes
Zsolt Tóth, Ivan Viola, Andrej Ferko, Eduard Gröller

Itenberg, Ilia - Perspectives in Analysis, Geometry, and Topology, ebook

Perspectives in Analysis, Geometry, and Topology

Itenberg, Ilia


Table of contents
1. Exotic Structures on Smooth Four-Manifolds
Selman Akbulut
2. Rational Linking and Contact Geometry
Kenneth Baker, John Etnyre
3. Regularity of Plurisubharmonic Upper Envelopes in Big Cohomology Classes
Robert Berman, Jean-Pierre Demailly
4. Toward a Generalized Shapiro and Shapiro

Hart, K.P. - Recent Progress in General Topology III, ebook

Recent Progress in General Topology III

Hart, K.P.


A Biased View of Topology as a Tool in Functional Analysis
Bernardo Cascales, José Orihuela
4. Large Scale Versus Small Scale
Matija Cencelj, Jerzy Dydak, Aleš Vavpetič
5. Descriptive Aspects of Rosenthal Compacta
Gabriel Debs
6. Minimality

Villani, Vinicio - Differential Topology, ebook

Differential Topology

Villani, Vinicio


Some Remarks on Low-Dimensional Topology and Immersion Theory
V. Poenaru
7. La Classe De Cobordisme Des Feuilletages De Reeb De S3 Est Nulle
F. Sergeraert
8. Invariant De Godbillon-Vey Et Diffeomorphismes Commutants
Guy Wallet