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Michels, Barry - The Tools: onnen työkalut, ebook

The Tools: onnen työkalut

Michels, Barry


THE TOOLS tarjoaa tehokkaan ratkaisun onnellisemman elämän saavuttamiseen. Kokeneiden terapeuttien mullistava menetelmä auttaa rikkomaan rajoitusten kahleet ja muuttamaan kätketyt voimavarat energiaksi. Tärkeintä on kohdata sisäiset pelkonsa ja voittaa ne. Pelon

Soustelle, Michel - Phase Modeling Tools: Applications to Gases, ebook

Phase Modeling Tools: Applications to Gases

Soustelle, Michel


This book is part of a set of books which offers advanced students successive characterization tool phases, the study of all types of phase (liquid, gas and solid, pure or multi-component), process engineering, chemical and electrochemical equilibria,…

Zhang, Dan - Parallel Robotic Machine Tools, ebook

Parallel Robotic Machine Tools

Zhang, Dan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dan Zhang
2. Kinematics of Mechanisms
Dan Zhang
3. Architectures of Parallel Robotic Machine
Dan Zhang
4. Planar Parallel Robotic Machine Design
Dan Zhang
5. Spatial Parallel Robotic…

Zein, André - Transition Towards Energy Efficient Machine Tools, ebook

Transition Towards Energy Efficient Machine Tools

Zein, André


Energy Demand of Machine Tools and Performance Management
André Zein
3. Review on the State of the Research in Improving Energy Performance of Machine Tools
André Zein
4. Performance Management Concept to Evaluate and Improve the Energy Efficiency

Cox, Andrew - The Right Tools for the Job, ebook

The Right Tools for the Job

Cox, Andrew


Table of contents
1. The Case For and Against the Use of Management Tools and Techniques
Andrew Cox, Chris Lonsdale, Joe Sanderson, Glyn Watson
Part I. Strategic Management
2. Tools and Techniques for Strategic Management
Andrew Cox, Chris Lonsdale, Joe Sanderson, Glyn Watson
3. The Use of Strategic Management

 - Energiemanagement-Tools, ebook



Technische Tools im Industriellen Energiemanagement
B. Schieferdecker
3. Tools zur Wirtschaftlichkeit im Industriellen Energiemanagement
C. Fünfgeld
4. Tools, die den Zusammenhang von Technik und Wirtschaftlichkeit nutzbar machen — Integration energiewirtschaftlicher

Kondolf, G. Mathias - Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology, ebook

Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology

Kondolf, G. Mathias


Methods in Fluvial Geomorphology provides an integrated approach to the interdisciplinary nature of the subject and offers guidance for researchers and professionals on the tools available to answer questions on river management on very difference scales.
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