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Grainger, J.H. - Tony Blair and the Ideal Type, ebook

Tony Blair and the Ideal Type

Grainger, J.H.


The 'ideal type' is Max Weber's hypothetical leading democratic politician, whom the author finds realized in Tony Blair. He is a politician emerging from no obvious mould, treading no well-beaten path to high office, and having few affinities of tone,

Casey, Terrence - The Blair Legacy, ebook

The Blair Legacy

Casey, Terrence


The Blair Government, Devolution and Regionalism in the United Kingdom
Jonathan Bradbury
15. Mayors, Monitors and Measurers: Blair’s Legacy to Local Democracy
Chris Game
16. The Constitutional Revolution of Tony

Matravers, Matt - Responsibility and Justice, ebook

Responsibility and Justice

Matravers, Matt


In politics, both Tony Blair and George W. Bush have claimed that individual responsibility is at the centre of their policy agendas. In morality and the law, it seems just that people should be rewarded or punished only for things

Maybery, Stephen - My Prime Ministers and I, ebook

My Prime Ministers and I

Maybery, Stephen


Set at the time of the Golden Jubilee, My Prime Ministers and I is exactly what satire is supposed to be, a ruthless and hilarious lampoon of Tony Blair and England’s Political class. Tired of being continuously undermined by her supposedly loyal

Cooper, Andrew F. - Diplomatic Afterlives, ebook

Diplomatic Afterlives

Cooper, Andrew F.


From Nelson Mandela to Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton, to Tony Blair and Mikhail Gorbachev, this set of highly-empowered individuals increasingly try to make a difference on the global stage by capitalizing on their free-lance

Diamond, Patrick - New Labour's Old Roots, ebook

New Labour's Old Roots

Diamond, Patrick


Tawney, Hugh Gaitskell and Anthony Crosland to Roy Hattersley, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. The collection demonstrates that Labour's revisionism is not a rigid body of doctrine but a 'cast of mind' that distinguishes between core

Beech, Matt - Ten Years of New Labour, ebook

Ten Years of New Labour

Beech, Matt


Table of contents
1. New Labour and the Politics of Dominance
Matt Beech
2. The British Model of Political Economy
Simon Lee
3. New Labour and Public Expenditure
Maurice Mullard, Raymond Swaray
4. New Labour and Social Policy
Stephen Driver
5. New Labour and the Rise of the New Constitutionalism

Charteris-Black, Jonathan - Politicians and Rhetoric, ebook

Politicians and Rhetoric

Charteris-Black, Jonathan


Table of contents
1. Persuasion, Legitimacy and Leadership
Jonathan Charteris-Black
2. Churchill: Metaphor and Heroic Myth
Jonathan Charteris-Black
3. Martin Luther King: Messianic Myth
Jonathan Charteris-Black
4. Margaret Thatcher and the Myth of Boedicia
Jonathan Charteris-Black
5. Clinton