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Radovick, Sally - Pediatric Endocrinology, ebook

Pediatric Endocrinology

Radovick, Sally


Davenport, Judith Ross, Phillippe F. Backeljauw
8. Management of Adult with Childhood-Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency
David Michael Cook
Part II. Hypothalamic and Pituitary Disorders
9. Diabetes Insipidus
Abhinash Srivatsa, Frederick D. Grant

Bartone, Paul T. - Handbook of Military Psychology, ebook

Handbook of Military Psychology

Bartone, Paul T.


Training and Practice in Military Specialty Psychology
Jessica Parker, Joseph H. Afanador, Jeffrey L. Goodie, Steven J. Porter, Genelle I. Weits, Daniel G. Cassidy
6. Suicide Prevention in the United States Military
Marjan Ghahramanlou-Holloway, Margaret

Rao, Nagaraja P. - Urinary Tract Stone Disease, ebook

Urinary Tract Stone Disease

Rao, Nagaraja P.


Marks, Jinze Qiu, Thomas E. Milner, Kin Foong Chan, Joel M. H. Teichman
27. Alternative Laser Energy Sources: Clinical Implications
Andreas J. Gross, Thorsten Bach
28. Imaging for Stones
Alison J. Bradley, P. Nagaraja Rao
29. Urinary Stone Analysis

Poulin, Marc J. - Integration in Respiratory Control, ebook

Integration in Respiratory Control

Poulin, Marc J.


H. Maxwell, M. F. McMullin, C. J. McNamara, M. J. Percy, C. W. Pugh, P. J. Ratcliffe, N. P. Talbot, M. Treacy, P. A. Robbins
10. Intravenous Endothelin-1 and Ventilatory Sensitivity to Hypoxia in Humans
Nick P. Talbot, George M. Balanos, Peter A. Robbins, Keith