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Carlyle, Thomas - Early Kings of Norway, ebook

Early Kings of Norway

Carlyle, Thomas


A fascinating look at some of the early Viking kings, such as Óláfr Tryggvason (Olaf the First), and Knut den Mektige (Canute the Great). Written by famed historian Thomas Carlyle.

O'Hear, Anthony - The School of Freedom, ebook

The School of Freedom

O'Hear, Anthony


Liberal education is not a theory. It is the tradition by which Western civilisation has preserved and enriched its inheritance for two and a half thousand years. Yet liberal education is a term that has fallen from use in Britain, its traditional meaning…

Genovese, Michael A. - Leadership and the Liberal Arts, ebook

Leadership and the Liberal Arts

Genovese, Michael A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
J. Thomas Wren, Ronald E. Riggio, Michael A. Genovese
Part I. The Link between Liberal Learning and Leadership
2. Reinventing the Liberal Arts through Leadership
J. Thomas Wren
3. The Liberal Arts and Leadership Learning
Thomas E. Cronin
4. Can Study of the Liberal

Ellis, Heather - Masculinity and Science in Britain, 1831–1918, ebook

Masculinity and Science in Britain, 1831–1918

Ellis, Heather


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The ‘Man of Science’ as a Gendered Ideal
Heather Ellis
2. The Changing Public Image of the ‘Man of Science’, 1600–1830
Heather Ellis
3. New Masculine Heroes: Davy, Bacon and the Construction of the Gentleman-Scientist
Heather Ellis
4. ‘An Effete World’:

Milnes, Tim - Romanticism, Sincerity and Authenticity, ebook

Romanticism, Sincerity and Authenticity

Milnes, Tim


Authenticity among Hacks: Thomas Chatterton’s ‘Memoirs of a Sad Dog’ and Magazine Culture
Daniel Cook
Part II. Acts of Sincerity
5. The Scandal of Sincerity: Wordsworth, Byron, Landon
Angela Esterhammer
6. Making Sense of Sincerity in The Prelude

Blair, Kirstie - Class and the Canon, ebook

Class and the Canon

Blair, Kirstie


The Pen and the Hammer: Thomas Carlyle, Ebenezer Elliott, and the ‘active poet’
Marcus Waithe
8. Samuel Ferguson’s Maudlin Jumble
Matthew Campbell
9. Courtly Lays or Democratic Songs? The Politics of Poetic

Potts, Gina - Virginia Woolf’s Bloomsbury, Volume 2, ebook

Virginia Woolf’s Bloomsbury, Volume 2

Potts, Gina


Who Let the Dogs Out? Samuel Johnson, Thomas Carlyle, Virginia Woolf and the Little Brown Dog
Jane Goldman
5. Virginia Woolf as Policy Analyst
Craufurd D. Goodwin
6. Unpinning Economies of Desire: Gifts and the

Moore, Grace - Victorian Environments, ebook

Victorian Environments

Moore, Grace


Inorganic Bodies, Longing to Become Organic: Hunger and Environment in Thomas Carlyle’s The French Revolution
Hayley Rudkin
12. “Yet Was It Human?” Bankim, Hunter and the Victorian Famine Ideology of Anandamath