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Tourlakis, George - Theory of Computation, ebook

Theory of Computation

Tourlakis, George

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In the (meta)theory of computing, the fundamental questions of the limitations of computing are addressed.   These limitations, which are intrinsic rather than technology dependent, may immediatly rule out the existence of algorithmic solutions for some problems while

Nishizaki, Shin-ya - Theory and Practice of Computation, ebook

Theory and Practice of Computation

Nishizaki, Shin-ya


Table of contents
1. Emotional Narration of Children’s Stories
Jon Aaron Alcantara, Louie Patrice Lu, John Kynneth Magno, Zhayne Soriano, Ethel Ong, Ron Resurreccion
2. Towards Empathic Support Provision for Computer Users
Roman Joseph…

Hammock, Michael R. - Microeconomic Theory and Computation, ebook

Microeconomic Theory and Computation

Hammock, Michael R.


Demand Theory: Constraints and Optimization
Michael R. Hammock, J. Wilson Mixon
5. Preferences and Demand
Michael R. Hammock, J. Wilson Mixon
6. Production Theory
Michael R. Hammock, J. Wilson Mixon
7. Cost Theory
Michael R. Hammock, J.

Syropoulos, Apostolos - Theory of Fuzzy Computation, ebook

Theory of Fuzzy Computation

Syropoulos, Apostolos


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Apostolos Syropoulos
2. A Précis of Classical Computability Theory
Apostolos Syropoulos
3. Elements of Fuzzy Set Theory
Apostolos Syropoulos
4. On Fuzzy Turing Machines
Apostolos Syropoulos

Jin, Jian-Ming - Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields, ebook

Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields

Jin, Jian-Ming


This book is intended to fill this void and present electromagnetic theory in a systematic manner so that students can advance from the first course to the second without much difficulty. Even though the first part of the book covers the standard basic electromagnetic

Adamatzky, Andrew - Emergent Computation, ebook

Emergent Computation

Adamatzky, Andrew


Table of contents
1. Simple Deterministic Algorithms for Generating “Good” Musical Rhythms
Godfried T. Toussaint
2. Is Universal Computation a Myth?
Selmer Bringsjord
3. A Hierarchy for

Simon, Matthew - Emergent Computation, ebook

Emergent Computation

Simon, Matthew


Emergent Computation: Bioinformatics
1. A Review of Chemistry
2. A Review of Aspects of Automata Theory
3. The Beginning Numbers
4. Regular Languages: DNA and RNA
5. Context-Free Languages: DNA and RNA
6. Context-Sensitive Languages: DNA, RNA, Proteins