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Shepherd, P. John - A Course in Theoretical Physics, ebook

A Course in Theoretical Physics

Shepherd, P. John


This book is a comprehensive account of five extended modules covering the key branches of twentieth-century theoretical physics, taught by the author over a period of three decades to students on bachelor and master university degree courses in both physics and theoretical physics.

Rathakrishnan, Ethirajan - Theoretical Aerodynamics, ebook

Theoretical Aerodynamics

Rathakrishnan, Ethirajan


This book provides a user-friendly treatment of theoretical aerodynamics for both newcomers to the field and engineers who want to understand things quickly. All topics are explained in simple terms, gradually progressing from the basics to a higher level. The theory of aerofoil, its design

McMahon, Jeffrey Michael - Topics in Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience, ebook

Topics in Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience

McMahon, Jeffrey Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jeffrey Michael McMahon
2. Basic Electromagnetic Theory
Jeffrey Michael McMahon
3. Theoretical and Computational Methods
Jeffrey Michael McMahon
4. Correlated Single-Nanoparticle Calculations and Measurements
Jeffrey Michael McMahon
5. Optimal SERS Nanostructures

Champagne, Benoît - Theoretical Chemistry in Belgium, ebook

Theoretical Chemistry in Belgium

Champagne, Benoît


Table of contents
1. Preface
Benoît Champagne, Michael S. Deleuze, Frank Proft, Tom Leyssens
2. Is there an exact potential energy surface?
Brian Sutcliffe
3. Self-consistent methods constrained to a fixed number of particles in a…

Stepin, Vyacheslav - Theoretical Knowledge, ebook

Theoretical Knowledge

Stepin, Vyacheslav


Genesis of Theoretical Knowledge in Classical Science
5. Formation and Development of Theory in Non-Classical Science
6. Scientific Revolutions
7. Strategies of Theoretical Investigation in the Epoch of Post-Non-Classical

Römer, Hartmann - Theoretical Optics: An Introduction, ebook

Theoretical Optics: An Introduction

Römer, Hartmann


Starting from basic electrodynamics, this volume provides a solid, yet concise introduction to theoretical optics, containing topics such as nonlinear optics, light-matter interaction, and modern topics in quantum optics, including entanglement, cryptography, and quantum computation.

Bartelmann, Matthias - Theoretical Astrophysics: An Introduction, ebook

Theoretical Astrophysics: An Introduction

Bartelmann, Matthias


A concise yet comprehensive introduction to the central theoretical concepts of modern astrophysics, presenting hydrodynamics, radiation, and stellar dynamics all in one textbook.
Adopting a modular structure, the author illustrates a small number of fundamental physical methods and

Bruus, Henrik - Theoretical Microfluidics, ebook

Theoretical Microfluidics

Bruus, Henrik


As the lab-on-a-chip systems grow in complexity, a proper theoretical understanding becomes increasingly important. The basic idea of the book is to provide a self-contained formulation of the theoretical framework of microfluidics,

Morrison, Jane Gray - The Theoretical Individual, ebook

The Theoretical Individual

Morrison, Jane Gray


Table of contents
1. What Does Humanity Mean?
Michael Charles Tobias, Jane Gray Morrison
2. The Lost Tribes of Tamaulipas
Michael Charles Tobias, Jane Gray Morrison
3. Edward Curtis’ Vision of Transcendence
Michael Charles Tobias,…