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Ackerman, Alan - Against Theatre, ebook

Against Theatre

Ackerman, Alan


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Modernism and anti-theatricality
Alan Ackerman, Martin Puchner
2. Avant-garde scenography and the frames of the theatre
Arnold Aronson
3. Clown shows: Anti-theatricalist theatricalism in four twentieth-century…

Wolff, Tamsen - Mendel’s Theatre, ebook

Mendel’s Theatre

Wolff, Tamsen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tamsen Wolff
2. Predecessors
Tamsen Wolff
3. From Peas to People
Tamsen Wolff
4. Experimental Breeding Ground
Tamsen Wolff
5. Branching Out from the Family Tree
Tamsen Wolff

Cochrane, Claire - Theatre History and Historiography, ebook

Theatre History and Historiography

Cochrane, Claire


Garrison Theatre in Colonial India
Poonam Trivedi
7. Facing the Face of the Other
Claire Cochrane
Part III. The Ethics of Evidence
8. Recollecting and Re-Collecting
Alison Jeffers
9. Mind the Gaps
Heike Roms

Tompkins, Joanne - Theatre’s Heterotopias, ebook

Theatre’s Heterotopias

Tompkins, Joanne


Introduction: Theatre, Space, and World-making
Joanne Tompkins
2. Theatre and the Construction of Alternate Spaces
Joanne Tompkins
3. Heterotopia and Site-Specificity
Joanne Tompkins
4. Heterotopia, the National Theatre

Witham, Barry B. - A Sustainable Theatre, ebook

A Sustainable Theatre

Witham, Barry B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Barry B. Witham
2. Inheritors: Growing a Theatre
Barry B. Witham
3. The Emperor Jones: A Passion for Equality
Barry B. Witham
4. Winesburg, Ohio: Democracy between the Hedgerows
Barry B.…

Mason, David V. - Theatre and Religion on Krishna’s Stage, ebook

Theatre and Religion on Krishna’s Stage

Mason, David V.


Introduction: Râs Lila Theatre and Its Implications
David V. Mason
2. Theatre Is God
David V. Mason
3. Krishna, Lila, and Freedom
David V. Mason
4. Origins of Child Performers in the Râs Lila
David V. Mason
5. Acting in the Râs Lila

Rodosthenous, George - Theatre as Voyeurism, ebook

Theatre as Voyeurism

Rodosthenous, George


The Dramaturgies of the Gaze: Strategies of Vision and Optical Revelations in the Theatre of Romeo Castellucci and Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio
Eleni Papalexiou
Part II. Voyeurism in Space
4. Intimacy, Immersion and the Desire to Touch: The Voyeur Within

Martin, Carol - Theatre of the Real, ebook

Theatre of the Real

Martin, Carol


Table of contents
1. Theatre of the Real: An Overview
Carol Martin
2. The Theatricalization of Public and Private Life
Carol Martin
3. After the Fact: Memory, Experience, Technology
Carol Martin
4. Apart from the Document: Representation of Jews and Jewishness
Carol Martin
5. Occupying Public

Limon, Jerzy - The Chemistry of the Theatre, ebook

The Chemistry of the Theatre

Limon, Jerzy


Table of contents
Part I. The Chemistry of the Theatre
1. Reading the Elements and Compounds
Jerzy Limon
2. The Chemical Formulas of Blending
Jerzy Limon
3. Chemical Reactions, or Blending the Components
Jerzy Limon
Part II. The Chemical Laboratory
4. Sculpting the Space, or the Retorts at Play

Canton, Ursula - Biographical Theatre, ebook

Biographical Theatre

Canton, Ursula


Re-Framing the Discussion of Biographical Theatre: A Functional Approach
Ursula Canton
3. Re-Living the Past: Authenticity on Stage
Ursula Canton
4. Creating and Undermining Expectations: Forms versus Content
Ursula Canton
5. Meta-Biography: