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Hillman-McCord, Jessica - iBroadway, ebook


Hillman-McCord, Jessica


Musical Theatre in the Digital Age
Jessica Hillman-McCord
Part I. Creating Musicals and the Digital
2. Connection in an Isolating Age: Looking Back on Twenty Years of Engaging Audiences and Marketing Musical Theatre Online
Laura MacDonald
3. The

Eckersall, Peter - New Media Dramaturgy, ebook

New Media Dramaturgy

Eckersall, Peter


Machine Times, End Times: Theatre, Live Film and Video
Peter Eckersall, Helena Grehan, Edward Scheer
9. Post-NMD?
Peter Eckersall, Helena Grehan, Edward Scheer

Gaines, Robert A. - Bernard Shaw's Marriages and Misalliances, ebook

Bernard Shaw's Marriages and Misalliances

Gaines, Robert A.


Table of contents
1. Shaw’s Early Writings: A Prologue to the Playwright
Richard Farr Dietrich
2. The “Mystical Union” De-Mystified: Marriage in Plays Unpleasant
L. W. Conolly
3. The Pragmatic Partnerships of Plays Pleasant …

Alexandre, Jane M. - Dance Leadership, ebook

Dance Leadership

Alexandre, Jane M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jane M. Alexandre
2. Toward a Theoretical View of Dance Leadership
Jane M. Alexandre
3. “We Think Differently in the Landscape of Dance”: T. Lang
Jane M. Alexandre
4. “I Wanted to Be a…