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Paul, Roshan - High Performance Technical Textiles, ebook

High Performance Technical Textiles

Paul, Roshan


An authentic resource for the fundamentals, applied techniques, applications and recent advancements of all the main areas of technical textiles
Created to be a comprehensive reference, High Performance Technical Textiles includes the review of a wide range of technical textiles

Muthu, Subramanian Senthilkannan - Textiles and Clothing Sustainability, ebook

Textiles and Clothing Sustainability

Muthu, Subramanian Senthilkannan


Sustainability in the Textile and Fashion Industries: Animal Ethics and Welfare
Miguel Ángel Gardetti
3. The Virtuous Circle: Hard Sustainable Science Versus Soft Unsustainable Science Within Marketing Functions of Fashion and Luxury Sectors and How to Prevent

Anthony, Anoo Anna - SMEs in Indian Textiles, ebook

SMEs in Indian Textiles

Anthony, Anoo Anna


The Indian Textile Industry: Some Observations
Anoo Anna Anthony, Mary T. Joseph
5. Small and Medium Enterprises in Indian Textiles
Anoo Anna Anthony, Mary T. Joseph
6. Kannur: History, Background and Trade Linkages

Gardetti, Miguel Angel - Sustainable Fibres for Fashion Industry, ebook

Sustainable Fibres for Fashion Industry

Gardetti, Miguel Angel


Table of contents
1. Luxury Hair Fibers for Fashion Industry
Ammayappan Lakshmanan, Seiko Jose, Sujay Chakraborty
2. Mainstreaming of Sustainable Cotton in the German Clothing Industry
Erik G. Hansen, Stefan Schaltegger
3. Possum Fiber—A…