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O'Neal, Ivonne Chand - Arts Evaluation and Assessment, ebook

Arts Evaluation and Assessment

O'Neal, Ivonne Chand


Learning Through Music: A Five-Year Evaluation of the Cleveland Orchestra’s Learning Through Music Program
Hal Abeles, Mary Hafeli
5. Aging and the Healing Power of Choral Music: A Community-Responsive Evaluation of Vintage

Frick, Achim - Practical Testing and Evaluation of Plastics, ebook

Practical Testing and Evaluation of Plastics

Frick, Achim


Afterwards, plastics testing is presented as a separate, practical-scientific field of work. The possibilities and fields of application of plastics testing will be discussed. This is followed by a comprehensive treatment of the

Hollowood, Tracey - Sensory Evaluation: A Practical Handbook, ebook

Sensory Evaluation: A Practical Handbook

Hollowood, Tracey


This book is a practical guide to sensory evaluation methods and techniques in the food, cosmetic and household product industries. It explains the suitability of different testing methods for different situations and offers step-by-step instructions

Linden, Wim J. van der - Elements of Adaptive Testing, ebook

Elements of Adaptive Testing

Linden, Wim J. van der


Constrained Adaptive Testing with Shadow Tests
Wim J. Linden
3. Principles of Multidimensional Adaptive Testing
Daniel O. Segall
4. Multidimensional Adaptive Testing with Kullback–Leibler Information Item Selection

Darwin, Stephen - Student Evaluation in Higher Education, ebook

Student Evaluation in Higher Education

Darwin, Stephen


The Emergence of Student Evaluation in Higher Education
Stephen Darwin
2. Research on the Design and Function of Student Evaluation
Stephen Darwin
3. What Higher Education Teachers Think About Quantitative Student Evaluation
Stephen Darwin