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Hom?s, Bernard - Fundamentals of Software Testing, ebook

Fundamentals of Software Testing

Hom?s, Bernard


The testing market is growing at a fast pace and ISTQB certifications are being increasingly requested, with more than 180,000 persons currently certified throughout the world. The ISTQB Foundations level syllabus was updated in 2011, and this book provides detailed course study material

McWherter, Jeff - Testing ASP.NET Web Applications, ebook

Testing ASP.NET Web Applications

McWherter, Jeff


A unique resource that combines all aspects of Web testing and makes it completely specific to ASP.NET
As Microsoft's key Web technology for creating dynamic, data-driven Web sites and Web applications, ASP.NET is incredibly popular. This is the first book to combine several testing

Mili, Ali - Software Testing: Concepts and Operations, ebook

Software Testing: Concepts and Operations

Mili, Ali


Explores and identifies the main issues, concepts, principles and evolution of software testing, including software quality engineering and testing concepts, test data generation, test deployment analysis, and software test management
This book examines

Oriyano, Sean-Philip - Penetration Testing Essentials, ebook

Penetration Testing Essentials

Oriyano, Sean-Philip


Your pen testing career begins here, with a solid foundation in essential skills and concepts
Penetration Testing Essentials provides a starting place for professionals and beginners looking to learn more about penetration testing

Voldman, Steven H. - ESD Testing: From Components to Systems, ebook

ESD Testing: From Components to Systems

Voldman, Steven H.


With the evolution of semiconductor technology and global diversification of the semiconductor business, testing of semiconductor devices to systems for electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical overstress (EOS) has increased in importance.
ESD Testing: From Components

Cripps, Barry - Psychometric Testing: Critical Perspectives, ebook

Psychometric Testing: Critical Perspectives

Cripps, Barry


Psychometric Testing offers an in-depth examination of the strengths and limitations psychometric testing, with coverage of diverse methods of test development and application. A state-of-the-art exploration of the contemporary field of psychometric

Naik, Sagar - Software Testing and Quality Assurance: Theory and Practice, ebook

Software Testing and Quality Assurance: Theory and Practice

Naik, Sagar


A superior primer on software testing and quality assurance, from integration to execution and automation
This important new work fills the pressing need for a user-friendly text that aims to provide software engineers, software quality professionals, software developers, and