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Lutz, Brenda J. - Terrorism, ebook


Lutz, Brenda J.


The Rise of the New Left and the Failure of Communism: Increasing Terrorism on a Global Scale
James M. Lutz, Brenda J. Lutz
10. From Marxism Back to Communalism
James M. Lutz, Brenda J. Lutz
11. Conclusions
James M. Lutz, Brenda J. Lutz

Hollander, Paul - Political Violence, ebook

Political Violence

Hollander, Paul


Leadership Succession and Political Violence in the USSR Following Stalin’s Death
Mark Kramer
6. Post-Communist Political Violence: The Poisoning

McConaghy, Kieran - Terrorism and the State, ebook

Terrorism and the State

McConaghy, Kieran


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kieran McConaghy
Part I. Case Studies
2. The Spanish State and the Basque Conflict
Kieran McConaghy
3. The French State, French Algeria, and the OAS
Kieran McConaghy
4. The United Kingdom and the Northern Ireland Conflict
Kieran McConaghy
Part II. Facets

Law, Randall D. - Terrorism: A History, ebook

Terrorism: A History

Law, Randall D.


We live in an era dominated by terrorism but struggle to understand its meaning and the real nature of the threat. In this new edition of his widely acclaimed survey of the topic, Randall Law makes sense of the history of terrorism by examining it within

Rinehart, James F. - Apocalyptic Faith and Political Violence, ebook

Apocalyptic Faith and Political Violence

Rinehart, James F.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
James F. Rinehart
2. Terrorism and Prophecy
James F. Rinehart
3. The Rise of Millenarian Terror
James F. Rinehart
4. The Mediating Role of the Prophet
James F. Rinehart
5. Alienation and the Quest for Renewal
James F. Rinehart
6. Identity and Millenarian

Margariti, Stella - Defining International Terrorism, ebook

Defining International Terrorism

Margariti, Stella


The Paradigm of Terrorism: State-Centric and Cosmopolitan Approaches in Some Current Efforts Towards Its Criminalisation
Stella Margariti
6. A Definition of Terrorism in the Making: Balancing State Interests with Cosmopolitan