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Garland, David C. - Terra Nova, ebook

Terra Nova

Garland, David C.


He witnesses a spacecraft landing and is taken to a distant planet called Terra Nova where inhabitants of Earth migrated 5,125 years ago. Terra Nova is

Lehmann, Johannes - Amazonian Dark Earths: Wim Sombroek's Vision, ebook

Amazonian Dark Earths: Wim Sombroek's Vision

Lehmann, Johannes


Phytoliths and Terra Preta: The Hatahara Site Example
SR Bozarth, K Price, WI Woods, EG Neves, R Rebellato
5. Anthropogenic Dark Earths of the Central Amazon Region: Remarks on Their Evolution and Polygenetic Composition
M Arroyo-Kalin, EG Neves, WI Woods

Berger, André - Climate Change, ebook

Climate Change

Berger, André


Eta Model Simulations and AMSR Images to Study an Event of Polynya at Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica
Sandra Morelli, Flavio Parmiggiani
17. Some Indicators of the Present and Future Climate of Serbia According to the SRES-A1B

Lee, Kenneth - Produced Water, ebook

Produced Water

Lee, Kenneth


Studies on Fish Health Around the Terra Nova Oil Development Site on the Grand Banks Before and After Discharge of Produced Water
Anne Mathieu, Jacqueline Hanlon, Mark Myers, Wynnann Melvin, Boyd French, Elisabeth M. DeBlois,