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Selwyn, Neil - Is Technology Good for Education?, ebook

Is Technology Good for Education?

Selwyn, Neil


Digital technologies are a key feature of contemporary education. Schools, colleges and universities operate along high-tech lines, while alternate forms of online education

Austin-Li, Stacy - Post-Secondary Education and Technology, ebook

Post-Secondary Education and Technology

Austin-Li, Stacy


Introduction: Education, ICT, and International Development
1. Introduction
Rebecca Clothey, Stacy Austin-Li, John C. Weidman
Part I. Policy Debates
2. ICT in Education Policies and National Development

Hardy, Pip - Digital Storytelling in Higher Education, ebook

Digital Storytelling in Higher Education

Hardy, Pip


Threshold Concepts in Digital Storytelling: Naming What We Know About Storywork
Brooke Hessler, Joe Lambert
4. Physician, Know Thyself: Using Digital Storytelling to Promote Reflection in Medical Education
Pip Hardy

McDougall, Julian - Digital Media, Culture and Education, ebook

Digital Media, Culture and Education

McDougall, Julian


Table of contents
1. Foreword – Terms and Conditions
John Potter, Julian McDougall
2. Dynamic Literacies
John Potter, Julian McDougall
3. Third Spaces and Digital Making
John Potter, Julian McDougall
4. Digital Curation/Digital Production: Storying the Digital Learner
John Potter, Julian McDougall

Thomas, Michael - Digital Education, ebook

Digital Education

Thomas, Michael


0 Digital Technologies in Education
Chaka Chaka
4. The Role of Adult Educators in the Age of Social Media
Rita Kop, Paul Bouchard
5. Educational Networking in the Digital Age
Cristina Costa
6. Integrating

Gouseti, Anastasia - Digital Technologies for School Collaboration, ebook

Digital Technologies for School Collaboration

Gouseti, Anastasia


Digital Technologies in Education: New Tools for New Times?
Anastasia Gouseti
3. Collaborative Experiences in Practice: Case Studies from the United Kingdom
Anastasia Gouseti
4. Collaborative Experiences in Practice: Case Studies from Greece

Lightfoot, Michael - Education Technology Policies in the Middle East, ebook

Education Technology Policies in the Middle East

Lightfoot, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Background and Rationale to the Study
Michael Lightfoot
2. Cultural and Educational Traditions in the MENA Region
Michael Lightfoot
3. Education in the Globalised Knowledge Economy
Michael Lightfoot
4. Educational Challenges in the Arab World
Michael Lightfoot