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Armstrong, Gary - The Authentic Tawney, ebook

The Authentic Tawney

Armstrong, Gary


Tawney is an iconic thinker in British left-wing circles, whose writings during the early-mid 20th century helped to forge the direction of democratic socialist thinking and Labour Party policies. This book provides a fresh and accessible guide to the ideas of

Carter, Matt - T.H. Green and the Development of Ethical Socialism, ebook

T.H. Green and the Development of Ethical Socialism

Carter, Matt


Tawney, tracing its roots back to the work of T.H. Green. Green and his colleagues developed a philosophy that rejected the atomistic individualism and empiricist assumptions that underpinned classical liberalism and helped to found a new political ideology based around

Diamond, Patrick - New Labour's Old Roots, ebook

New Labour's Old Roots

Diamond, Patrick


Tawney, Hugh Gaitskell and Anthony Crosland to Roy Hattersley, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. The collection demonstrates that Labour's revisionism is not a rigid body of doctrine but a 'cast of mind' that distinguishes between core values (ends) and policy instruments

O'Hear, Anthony - The School of Freedom, ebook

The School of Freedom

O'Hear, Anthony


Liberal education is not a theory. It is the tradition by which Western civilisation has preserved and enriched its inheritance for two and a half thousand years. Yet liberal education is a term that has fallen from use in Britain, its traditional meaning…

Tyler, Colin - Civil Society, Capitalism and the State, ebook

Civil Society, Capitalism and the State

Tyler, Colin


Civil Society, Capitalism and the State presents a critical reconstruction of the social and political facets of Thomas Hill Green's liberal socialism. It explores the complex relationships Green sees between human nature, personal freedom, the common…