Narayanan, K. - Technology, ebook


Narayanan, K.


Business Group Affiliation and Innovation in Medium and High-Technology Industries in India
Surenderrao Komera, P. J. Jijo Lukose, Subash Sasidharan
5. Foreign Multinationals and Domestic Enterprises: Comparison of Their Technological and Other Characteristics

DiVanna, Joseph A. - Thinking Beyond Technology, ebook

Thinking Beyond Technology

DiVanna, Joseph A.


Thinking Beyond Technology, Creating New Value in Business The book examines the value proposition of technology and its relationship with business innovation, social preferences and its role as a mechanism of labour savings or revenue generation. In

Pinn, Anthony B. - Humanism and Technology, ebook

Humanism and Technology

Pinn, Anthony B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anthony B. Pinn
Part I. Humans Through Technology
2. Humans, Humanities, and Humanism in an Age of Technology
Willem B. Drees
3. Which Humanist Are You? Reflections on Our Trans- and Posthumanity

Allen, Jonathan P. - Technology and Inequality, ebook

Technology and Inequality

Allen, Jonathan P.


Information Technology and Wealth Concentration
Jonathan P. Allen
3. The Digital Economy: New Markets, New Gatekeepers
Jonathan P. Allen
4. Regulation and Taxation: The New Digital Advantage
Jonathan P. Allen
5. Models, Mediation, and Mobilization:

Schwartz, Robert A. - Technology and Regulation, ebook

Technology and Regulation

Schwartz, Robert A.


Table of contents
1. Opening Address
Ian Domowitz
2. The Impact of Electronic Trading Technology
Richard Holowczak, Leslie Boni, Kevin Callahan, Alfred Eskandar, James Leman, Robert McCooey, Joseph Wald
3. Dialog with Erik Sirri