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Liska, Allan - NTP Security, ebook

NTP Security

Liska, Allan


Table of contents
1. Understanding NTP
Allan Liska
2. Issues in NTP Security
Allan Liska
3. Vulnerabilities in NTP
Allan Liska
4. Securing NTP
Allan Liska
5. Securing NTP Infrastructure
Allan Liska
6. Alternatives…

Campbell, Tony - Practical Information Security Management, ebook

Practical Information Security Management

Campbell, Tony


Table of contents
1. Evolution of a Profession
Tony Campbell
2. Threats and Vulnerabilities
Tony Campbell
3. The Information Security Manager
Tony Campbell
4. Organizational Security
Tony Campbell
5. Information Security Implementation
Tony Campbell
6. Standards, Frameworks, Guidelines,

Nepal, Surya - Security, Privacy and Trust in Cloud Systems, ebook

Security, Privacy and Trust in Cloud Systems

Nepal, Surya


Cloud Security: State of the Art
Liliana F. B. Soares, Diogo A. B. Fernandes, João V. Gomes, Mário M. Freire, Pedro R. M. Inácio
2. Secure Data Sharing in the Cloud
Danan Thilakanathan, Shiping Chen, Surya Nepal,

Lin, Chung-Wei - Security-Aware Design for Cyber-Physical Systems, ebook

Security-Aware Design for Cyber-Physical Systems

Lin, Chung-Wei


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Chung-Wei Lin, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
2. Security Threats in Cyber-Physical Systems
Chung-Wei Lin, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
3. Security-Aware Design Methodology
Chung-Wei Lin, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
4. Security Mechanisms for CAN Protocol

Diehl, Eric - Ten Laws for Security, ebook

Ten Laws for Security

Diehl, Eric


Law 3: No Security Through Obscurity
Eric Diehl
4. Law 4: Trust No One
Eric Diehl
5. Law 5: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
Eric Diehl
6. Law 6: Security Is no Stronger Than Its Weakest Link
Eric Diehl

Castro-Leon, Enrique - Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security, ebook

Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security

Castro-Leon, Enrique


Table of contents
1. Cloud Computing Basics
Raghu Yeluri, Enrique Castro-Leon
2. The Trusted Cloud: Addressing Security and Compliance
Raghu Yeluri, Enrique Castro-Leon
3. Platform Boot Integrity: Foundation for Trusted Compute Pools
Raghu Yeluri, Enrique Castro-Leon
4. Attestation: Proving Trustability

Martellini, Maurizio - Cyber Security, ebook

Cyber Security

Martellini, Maurizio


Cyber Security for Nuclear Power Plants
Thomas Shea, Sandro Gaycken, Maurizio Martellini
4. Cyber Security for Chemical Plants
Maurizio Martellini, Stephanie Meulenbelt, Krzysztof Paturej
5. From Fortress to Resilience