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Carnie, Andrew - Syntax: A Generative Introduction, ebook

Syntax: A Generative Introduction

Carnie, Andrew

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Building on the success of the bestselling first edition, the second edition of this textbook provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the major issues in Principles and Parameters syntactic theory, including phrase structure, the lexicon,…

Talasiewicz, Mieszko - Philosophy of Syntax, ebook

Philosophy of Syntax

Talasiewicz, Mieszko


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mieszko Tałasiewicz
2. Syntax
Mieszko Tałasiewicz
3. Semantics
Mieszko Tałasiewicz
4. Categorial Analysis
Mieszko Tałasiewicz
5. Conclusion
Mieszko Tałasiewicz

Carnie, Andrew - The Syntax Workbook: A Companion to Carnie's Syntax, ebook

The Syntax Workbook: A Companion to Carnie's Syntax

Carnie, Andrew


The Syntax Workbook was written as a response to the students and instructors who, over the years, have requested more problem sets that give greater experience in analyzing syntactic structure. Aligned chapter-by-chapter with Carnie’s bestselling textbook, this workbook provides

Aboh, Enoch O. - Topics in Kwa Syntax, ebook

Topics in Kwa Syntax

Aboh, Enoch O.


Table of contents
1. The Phonology Syntax Interface
Enoch O. Aboh, James Essegbey
2. The Morphosyntax of the Noun Phrase
Enoch O. Aboh
3. General Properties of the Clause
Enoch O. Aboh, James Essegbey
4. The Non-agreeing Subject Resumptive Pronoun in Yoruba
Oluseye Adesola
5. Relative Clauses

Kizu, Mika - Cleft Constructions in Japanese Syntax, ebook

Cleft Constructions in Japanese Syntax

Kizu, Mika


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mika Kizu
2. Topicalization and Cleft Constructions
Mika Kizu
3. Nominalizations in Cleft Constructions
Mika Kizu
4. Resumptive A’-Dependencies
Mika Kizu
5. Ellipsis in Cleft Constructions

Asudeh, Ash - Lexical-Functional Syntax, ebook

Lexical-Functional Syntax

Asudeh, Ash


Lexical-Functional Syntax, 2nd Edition, the definitive text for Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) with a focus on syntax, is updated to reflect recent developments in the field.
Provides both an introduction to LFG and a synthesis of major theoretical

Miller, Jim - Spontaneous Spoken Language: Syntax and Discourse, ebook

Spontaneous Spoken Language: Syntax and Discourse

Miller, Jim


The authors argue that the differences in syntax and the construction of discourse between spontaneous speech and written language bear on various areas of linguistic theory, apart from having obvious implications for syntactic analysis. In particular, they bear on

Clements, J. Clancy - Functional Approaches to Spanish Syntax, ebook

Functional Approaches to Spanish Syntax

Clements, J. Clancy


Transitivity and the Syntax of Inalienable Possession in Spanish
Richard Winters
8. Ser-estar in the Predicate Adjective Construction
J. Clancy Clements
9. Spanish Adjective Position: Differences between Written and Spoken Discourse
Richard J.