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Gunderson, Leonard L. - Intraoperative Irradiation, ebook

Intraoperative Irradiation

Gunderson, Leonard L.


2. Biology of Large Dose per Fraction Irradiation
Paul Okunieff, Srinath Sundararaman, Su Metcalfe, Yuhchyau Chen
3. Intraoperative Electron Beam Irradiation: Physics and Techniques
Peter Biggs, Christopher G. Willett, Harm Rutten, Mario Ciocca,

Lupu, Mihai - Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval, ebook

Current Challenges in Patent Information Retrieval

Lupu, Mihai


Introduction to Patent Searching
Doreen Alberts, Cynthia Barcelon Yang, Denise Fobare-DePonio, Ken Koubek, Suzanne Robins, Matthew Rodgers, Edlyn Simmons, Dominic DeMarco
2. An Introduction to Contemporary Search Technology
Veronika Stefanov, John I. Tait

Harmon, Russell S. - The Río Chagres, Panama, ebook

The Río Chagres, Panama

Harmon, Russell S.


Harrison, Jan M.H. Hendrickx, David Vega, Lucas E. Calvo-Gobbetti
8. Hydrology of Hillslope Soils in the Upper Río Chagres Watershed, Panama
Jan M.H. Hendrickx, David Vega, J. Bruce J. Harrison, Lucas E. Calvo Gobbetti,