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Favre, Bernard - Introduction to Sustainable Transports, ebook

Introduction to Sustainable Transports

Favre, Bernard


Transport systems have to meet the mobility needs of people and commodities on all scales, from the local to the global level. Concerns about the energy, fumes and sound emissions produced, and about the safety, service quality, intelligence and lifecycle of the systems, etc. can all be

Golinska, Paulina - Sustainable Transport, ebook

Sustainable Transport

Golinska, Paulina


European Union Policy for Sustainable Transport System: Challenges and Limitations
Paulina Golinska, Marcin Hajdul
2. Passenger Transport Interconnectivity as a Stimulator of

Marinov, Marin - Sustainable Rail Transport, ebook

Sustainable Rail Transport

Marinov, Marin


Optimisation of Business Processes and Services in the Rail Transport Market from Two Points of View: Economic Efficiency and Management
Anna Dolinayova
4. Infrastructure Access Charges
Borna Abramović
5. Interior Train Design of Commuter Trains:

Inderwildi, Oliver - Energy, Transport, & the Environment, ebook

Energy, Transport, & the Environment

Inderwildi, Oliver


Energy, Transport and the Environment: Providing Energy Security
Iain C. Conn
3. The Anomalous Age of Easy Energy
C. J. Campbell
4. Peak Oil Futures: Same Crisis, Different Responses
Jörg Friedrichs
5. Bioenergy Innovation and Sustainable

Golinska-Dawson, Paulina - Efficiency in Sustainable Supply Chain, ebook

Efficiency in Sustainable Supply Chain

Golinska-Dawson, Paulina


Efficiency in Sustainable Supply Chain—Strategic Aspects
1. Sustainable Supply Chain in Forming Environmental Macro Responsibility
Yevhen Krykavskyy, Nataliia Mashchak
2. The Transformation of Supply Chains in Closed-Loop Supply Chains
Roman Domański,

Hara, Yuji - Sustainable Landscape Planning in Selected Urban Regions, ebook

Sustainable Landscape Planning in Selected Urban Regions

Hara, Yuji


Untangling Urban Regions: Theoretical Frameworks for Sustainable Landscape Planning
1. Landscape Planning for Resilient Cities in Asia: Lessons from Integrated Rural–Urban Land Use in Japan
Makoto Yokohari, Yu Ting Joanne Khew
2. The Sustainability of