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Stamm, Manfred - Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces, ebook

Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces

Stamm, Manfred


Characterization of Polymer Surfaces by Wetting and Electrokinetic Measurements – Contact Angle, Interfacial Tension, Zeta Potential
Karina Grundke
7. Mechanical Properties of Polymers at Surfaces and Interfaces
Konrad Schneider
8. Interfaces Between

Patra, Hirak K. - Advanced Materials Interfaces, ebook

Advanced Materials Interfaces

Patra, Hirak K.


Advanced Material Interfaces is a state-of-the-art look at innovative methodologies and strategies adopted for interfaces and their applications. The 13 chapters are written by eminent researchers not only elaborate complex interfaces

Hashizume, Mineo - Stimuli-Responsive Interfaces, ebook

Stimuli-Responsive Interfaces

Hashizume, Mineo


Design of Biomimetic Interfaces at the Dendrimer Periphery and Their Applications
Chie Kojima
13. Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Materials for Creation of Biointerfaces
Hidenori Otsuka, Daisuke Matsukuma
14. Stimuli-Responsive Adhesion for 3D Fabrication