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Bernasek, Steven - Functionalization of Semiconductor Surfaces, ebook

Functionalization of Semiconductor Surfaces

Bernasek, Steven


The immobilization of biomolecules such as DNA on organic layers chemically attached to semiconductor surfaces will be introduced. The patterning of complex structures of organic layers and metallic nanoclusters toward sensing techniques will be presented as well.

Tomassini, G. - Algebraic Surfaces, ebook

Algebraic Surfaces

Tomassini, G.


Algebraic Surfaces with q = pg = 0
Igor Dolgachev
4. The Theory of Invariants and Its Applications to Some Problems in the Algebraic Geometry
F. A. Bogomolov
5. Pluricanonical Mappings of Surfaces with K2= 1,2,

Brillson, Leonard J. - Surfaces and Interfaces of Electronic Materials, ebook

Surfaces and Interfaces of Electronic Materials

Brillson, Leonard J.


An advanced level textbook covering geometric, chemical, and electronic structure of electronic materials, and their applications to devices based on semiconductor surfaces, metal-semiconductor interfaces, and semiconductor heterojunctions.
Starting with the fundamentals of electrical