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Owen, Michael J. - Silicone Surface Science, ebook

Silicone Surface Science

Owen, Michael J.


Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy of Silicone Surfaces & Interfaces
Dongchan Ahn, Ali Dhinojwala
3. Creating Functional Materials by Chemical and Physical Functionalization of Silicone Elastomer Networks
Jan Genzer, Ali E. Őzçam,

Bracco, Gianangelo - Surface Science Techniques, ebook

Surface Science Techniques

Bracco, Gianangelo


Probing Surfaces with Thermal He Atoms: Scattering and Microscopy with a Soft Touch
Bodil Holst, Gianangelo Bracco
13. The Helium Spin-Echo Method
Andrew Jardine
14. Diffraction of H2 from Metal Surfaces
Daniel Farías, Marina Minniti, Rodolfo

Holze, Rudolf - Surface and Interface Analysis, ebook

Surface and Interface Analysis

Holze, Rudolf


Spectroscopy and Surface Analysis at Interfaces Between Condensed Phases
Part II. Methods and Applications
5. Spectroscopy at Electrochemical Interfaces
6. Diffraction and Other X-Ray Methods
7. Surface Analytical Methods

Leach, Richard - Characterisation of Areal Surface Texture, ebook

Characterisation of Areal Surface Texture

Leach, Richard


Correlation of Areal Surface Texture Parameters to Solar Cell Efficiency
Erik Novak, Nelson Blewett
11. Characterisation of Cylinder Liner Honing Textures for Production Control
Zlate Dimkovski, Cecilia Anderberg, Robert Ohlsson, B.-G. Rosén
12. Characterisation

Stamm, Manfred - Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces, ebook

Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces

Stamm, Manfred


Polymer Surface and Interface Characterization Techniques
Manfred Stamm
2. Structure Determination in Thin Film Geometry Using Grazing Incidence Small-Angle Scattering
Peter Müller-Buschbaum
3. Vibrational Spectroscopic

Patra, Hirak K. - Advanced Materials Interfaces, ebook

Advanced Materials Interfaces

Patra, Hirak K.


Advanced Material Interfaces is a state-of-the-art look at innovative methodologies and strategies adopted for interfaces and their applications. The 13 chapters are written by eminent researchers not only elaborate complex interfaces