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Riehl, Volker - Who is ruling in South Sudan?, ebook

Who is ruling in South Sudan?

Riehl, Volker


This paper examines the role of NGOs in rebuilding socio-political order in South Sudan. It describes the socio-political determinants of the last ten years which will throw some light on the political stage in South Sudan and might contribute to the

Nugud, Mohamed Ibrahim - Slavery in the Sudan, ebook

Slavery in the Sudan

Nugud, Mohamed Ibrahim


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud
2. Slavery in Ancient Kingdoms of Sudan
Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud
3. Pioneers of Enslavement and the Slave Trade in Africa
Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud
4. Slavery and Enslavement…

Schomerus, Mareike - The Borderlands of South Sudan, ebook

The Borderlands of South Sudan

Schomerus, Mareike


Too Much Water under the Bridge: Internationalization of the Sudan—South Sudan Border and Local Demands for Its Regulation
Øystein H. Rolandsen
3. Unclear Lines: State and Non-State Actors in Abyei
Joshua Craze

Munson, Robert B. - Peacekeeping in South Sudan, ebook

Peacekeeping in South Sudan

Munson, Robert B.


Table of contents
1. As a Guinea Pig in South Sudan
Robert B. Munson
2. Does the United States Do Peacekeeping?
Robert B. Munson
3. Why Are We Here?
Robert B. Munson
4. There Is No Intelligence in the UN: Working for UNMISS

Idris, Amir H. - Conflict and Politics of Identity in Sudan, ebook

Conflict and Politics of Identity in Sudan

Idris, Amir H.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Amir H. Idris
2. Reconceptualizing History, Identity, and Conflict
Amir H. Idris
3. Slavery, Colonialism, and State Formation in the Sudan
Amir H. Idris
4. Nationalism, State, and Identity Politics

Rolandsen, Øystein - Guerrilla Government, ebook

Guerrilla Government

Rolandsen, Øystein


Although it suffered a serious setback when, in 1991, three senior commanders tried to wrestle control from its leader, John Garang, the SPLM/A has remained the main rebel organisation in the southern Sudan since the start of the second civil war in 1983. At a national level the SPLM/As

Kenyon, Susan M. - Spirits and Slaves in Central Sudan, ebook

Spirits and Slaves in Central Sudan

Kenyon, Susan M.


Table of contents
Part I. Background
1. Remembering Spirits and Sufis in Central Sudan
Susan M. Kenyon
Part II. The House of Zainab: Slavery, Colonialism, and Islamism in Historical Perspective
2. The Ottoman Ranks
Susan M. Kenyon

Galloway, William - Battle of Tofrek, ebook

Battle of Tofrek

Galloway, William


Tofrek was fought between the advance guard of General Graham's Suakin Field Force under General John McNeil VC, against Muslim Mahdist forces under Osman Dinga in the eastern Sudan. McNeil was seeking to establish a staging post for stores when his mixed force of