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Boulay, Doreen  du - Study Skills For Dummies, ebook

Study Skills For Dummies

Boulay, Doreen du

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Students need to learn to manage their time, organise their studies, understand, learn, and convey a lot of information – and they need to learn to do it quickly. Whether you’re fresh out of school, or a mature student returning to education, you now don’t need to feel alone!

Deursen, Alexander J. A. M. - Digital Skills, ebook

Digital Skills

Deursen, Alexander J. A. M.


Impact: Why Digital Skills Are the Key to the Information Society
Jan A. G. M. Dijk, Alexander J. A. M. Deursen
4. Current Levels of Internet Skills
Jan A. G. M. Dijk, Alexander J. A. M. Deursen
5. Solutions: Better Design
Jan A. G. M. Dijk, Alexander

Li, Kun - Motivational Regulation in Foreign Language Learning, ebook

Motivational Regulation in Foreign Language Learning

Li, Kun


Theoretical Foundation and Previous Studies of Motivational Regulation
Kun Li
3. Motivational Regulation and L2 Learning
Kun Li
4. Motivational-Regulation Strategies Used by Chinese College Students
Kun Li
5. The Impact of Motivational Regulation

Handley, Bill - Speed Learning for Kids, ebook

Speed Learning for Kids

Handley, Bill


Often, they're simply better at learning. Speed Learning for Kids helps you teach your child how to thrive at school by learning more in less time with less effort. The brain-training techniques

Gray, Carol - Handbook of Veterinary Communication Skills, ebook

Handbook of Veterinary Communication Skills

Gray, Carol


It combines the most up-to-date research with a wealth of practical information, such as: Real-life case studies to help you apply your learning to real scenarios Simple step-by-step guidelines showing you how to deal with specific

Gable, Judy - Counselling Skills for Dietitians, ebook

Counselling Skills for Dietitians

Gable, Judy


The third edition Counselling Skills for Dieticians has been fully revised and updated to reflect the recent developments, research and interests in the field.  It explores the skills required for dietetic counselling, and includes frequent examples