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Ashforth, Cindy - Composite Structures: Effects of Defects, ebook

Composite Structures: Effects of Defects

Ashforth, Cindy


Presents the latest strategies in the development and use of composite materials for large structures and the effects of defects
Practical Design and Validation of Composites Structures: Effects of Defects offers an important guide to the use of

Venturini, Rossano - Compressed Data Structures for Strings, ebook

Compressed Data Structures for Strings

Venturini, Rossano


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rossano Venturini
2. Basic Concepts
Rossano Venturini
3. Optimally Partitioning a Text to Improve Its Compression
Rossano Venturini
4. Bit-Complexity of Lempel-Ziv Compression
Rossano Venturini

Ambrose, James - Building Structures, ebook

Building Structures

Ambrose, James


This new edition continues its legacy as the reference of choice for architects studying contemporary issues and design practices for building structures by taking a conceptual approach that foregos complicated mathematics. Looking at the role of the structure as a building subsystem, it

Bond, Ian - Adaptive Structures: Engineering Applications, ebook

Adaptive Structures: Engineering Applications

Bond, Ian


Adaptive structures have the ability to adapt, evolve or change their properties or behaviour in response to the environment around them. The analysis and design of adaptive structures requires a highly multi-disciplinary approach which includes elements