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Njuguna, James - Structural Nanocomposites, ebook

Structural Nanocomposites

Njuguna, James


Ecological Assessment of Nano Materials for the Production of Electrostatic/Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems
M. Weil, H. Dura, B. Simon, M. Baumann, B. Zimmermann, S. Ziemann, C. Lei, F. Markoulidis, T. Lekakou, M. Decker

Cimpoesu, Fanica - Structural Chemistry, ebook

Structural Chemistry

Cimpoesu, Fanica


Table of contents
1. Atomic Structure and Quantum Mechanics
Fanica Cimpoesu, Mihai V. Putz, Marilena Ferbinteanu
2. Wave Function Theories and Electronic Structure Methods: Quantum Chemistry, from Atoms to Molecules
Fanica Cimpoesu, Mihai…

Hassoun, M. Nadim - Structural Concrete: Theory and Design, ebook

Structural Concrete: Theory and Design

Hassoun, M. Nadim


Drawing on decades of experience in industry and academia, the authors include numerous SI unit examples and design tables along with step-by-step instructions on how to analyze and design for each type of structural member. They clearly explain all key concepts one

Costa, Aníbal - Structural Rehabilitation of Old Buildings, ebook

Structural Rehabilitation of Old Buildings

Costa, Aníbal


Table of contents
1. Construction Systems
Alice Tavares, Dina D’Ayala, Aníbal Costa, Humberto Varum
2. Structural Behaviour and Retrofitting of Adobe Masonry Buildings
Humberto Varum, Nicola Tarque, Dora Silveira, Guido Camata, Bruno Lobo, Marcial Blondet, António Figueiredo, Muhammad Masood Rafi, Cristina