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Dhital, Megh Raj - Geology of the Nepal Himalaya, ebook

Geology of the Nepal Himalaya

Dhital, Megh Raj


Geology of Neighboring Regions
4. Northwest Himalaya
Megh Raj Dhital
5. Southeast Himalaya and Adjacent Indian Peninsula
Megh Raj Dhital
Part III. Lesser Himalaya
6. Introduction to Lesser Himalaya
Megh Raj Dhital
7. Lesser Himalaya of

Basei, Miguel A. S. - Geology of Southwest Gondwana, ebook

Geology of Southwest Gondwana

Basei, Miguel A. S.


The Geology and Evolution of the Angolan Shield, Congo Craton
Hielke A. Jelsma, Steve McCourt, Samantha H. Perritt, Richard A. Armstrong
Part III. Neoproterozoic Fold Belts related to Western Gondwana Formation
10. The Tectonic Evolution of the São Gabriel

Jia, Chengzao - Characteristics of Chinese Petroleum Geology, ebook

Characteristics of Chinese Petroleum Geology

Jia, Chengzao


Characteristics of Chinese Petroleum Geology and Evaluation of Oil and Gas Resources
1. Tectonic Background and Development of Chinese Basin
Chengzao Jia
2. Sedimentology of Chinese Petroleum Basins
Chengzao Jia
3. Oil and Gas Resources in China

Freymueller, Jeffrey T. - Active Tectonics and Seismic Potential of Alaska, ebook

Active Tectonics and Seismic Potential of Alaska

Freymueller, Jeffrey T.


Encompassing seismology, tectonics, geology, and geodesy, it includes papers that summarize the state of knowledge, including background material for those unfamiliar with the region; address global hypotheses using data from Alaska; and test important global hypotheses