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French, Steven - The Structural Foundations of Quantum Gravity, ebook

The Structural Foundations of Quantum Gravity

French, Steven


What is spacetime? General relativity and quantum field theory answer this question in very different ways. This collection of essays by physicists and philosophers looks at the problem of uniting these two most fundamental theories of our world, focusing... Copying…

Landry, Elaine - Structural Realism, ebook

Structural Realism

Landry, Elaine


Ontic Structural Realism and Modality
Nora Berenstain, James Ladyman
9. Adding Modality to Ontic Structuralism: An Exploration and Critique
Stathis Psillos
10. Ontological Priority: The Conceptual Basis of Non-eliminative, Ontic Structural Realism

MacBain, Keith M. - Structural Optimization, ebook

Structural Optimization

MacBain, Keith M.


Table of contents
2. Introduction
William R. Spillers, Keith M. MacBain
3. Some Tools of Optimization
William R. Spillers, Keith M. MacBain
4. Sequential Linear Programming and the Incremental Equations of Structures
William R. Spillers, Keith M. MacBain
5. Optimality Criteria Methods

Karnovsky, Igor A. - Advanced Methods of Structural Analysis, ebook

Advanced Methods of Structural Analysis

Karnovsky, Igor A.


Table of contents
1. Kinematical Analysis of Structures
Igor A. Karnovsky, Olga Lebed
2. General Theory of Influence Lines
Igor A. Karnovsky, Olga Lebed
3. Multispan Beams and Trusses
Igor A. Karnovsky, Olga Lebed
4. Three-Hinged…

Britt, Brian C. - Structural Differentiation in Social Media, ebook

Structural Differentiation in Social Media

Britt, Brian C.


Structural Differentiation and Social Media: Theoretical Framework
2. Macro-Structural Perspectives on Social Differentiation and Organizational Evolution in Online Groups
Sorin Adam Matei, Brian C. Britt
3. Specifying

Curtin, W. G. - Structural Foundation Designers' Manual, ebook

Structural Foundation Designers' Manual

Curtin, W. G.


This manual for civil and structural engineers aims to simplify as much as possible a complex subject which is often treated too theoretically, by explaining in a practical way how to provide uncomplicated, buildable and economical foundations.
It explains simply, clearly and with numerous