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Jones, Andrew Zimmerman - String Theory For Dummies, ebook

String Theory For Dummies

Jones, Andrew Zimmerman

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String Theory For Dummies offers an accessible introduction to this highly mathematical "theory of everything," which posits ten or more dimensions in an attempt to explain the basic nature

Solon, Mikhail P. - Heavy WIMP Effective Theory, ebook

Heavy WIMP Effective Theory

Solon, Mikhail P.


Effective Theory at the Weak-Scale
Mikhail P. Solon
4. Weak-Scale Matching
Mikhail P. Solon
5. QCD Analysis and Hadronic Matrix Elements
Mikhail P. Solon
6. Heavy WIMP-Nucleon Scattering Cross Sections
Mikhail P. Solon
7. Conclusions

Smilga, Andrei - Digestible Quantum Field Theory, ebook

Digestible Quantum Field Theory

Smilga, Andrei


Table of contents
Part I. Aperitif
1. Introduction
Andrei Smilga
2. Units Andrei Smilga
Part II. Hors d’Oeuvres
3. The Universe as We Know It
Andrei Smilga
4. The Cubic Edifice

Lindgren, Ingvar - Relativistic Many-Body Theory, ebook

Relativistic Many-Body Theory

Lindgren, Ingvar


Unification of Many-Body Perturbation Theory and Quantum Electrodynamics
8. Beyond Two-Photon Exchange: Combination of Quantum Electrodynamics and Electron Correlation
Ingvar Lindgren
9. Numerical Results of Combined MBPT-QED Calculations Beyond Second Order