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Wells, John - Strategic IQ: Creating Smarter Corporations, ebook

Strategic IQ: Creating Smarter Corporations

Wells, John


The ability to adapt to change is a measure of intelligence; so why do firms demonstrate such low Strategic IQ? What causes inertia and why is it so deadly? How can leaders help their firms to act more intelligently?
This book identifies the key sources of inertia

Ansoff, H. Igor - Strategic Management, ebook

Strategic Management

Ansoff, H. Igor


Igor Ansoff and Strategic Management — Reflections from the Philosopher’s Stone
Rick Ansoff
2. Introduction
H. Igor Ansoff
3. The Overall Framework
H. Igor Ansoff
4. The Environment in a Historical Perspective

Hanschke, Inge - Strategic IT Management, ebook

Strategic IT Management

Hanschke, Inge


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Inge Hanschke
2. Strategic Planning of IT
Inge Hanschke
3. Enterprise Architecture
Inge Hanschke
4. IT Landscape Management
Inge Hanschke
5. Technical Standardisation
Inge Hanschke
6. EAM Governance
Inge Hanschke

Dobson, Paul W. - Strategic Management: Issues and Cases, ebook

Strategic Management: Issues and Cases

Dobson, Paul W.


This highly popular introduction to strategic management has now been revised to take account of the latest developments in the field.
New edition of a highly popular introduction to strategic management.
Provides a clear framework for understanding